Car burglary suspects surprised by cops in front seat

Maybe it was the tinted windows, but two automobile burglary…

Maybe it was the tinted windows, but two automobile burglary suspects had no idea of the rude surprise they would get Saturday when they tried to break into an unmarked police vehicle – occupied by two uniformed Tempe police officers.

Paul Gardener opened the back door of the vehicle near Baseline Road and Butte Street and started to jump in when he noticed the seat was separated from the front by a cage and upon seeing the uniformed officers, came to the sobering realization he was in a police vehicle, according to a Tempe police spokesman.

Gardener and Chad Leakey tried to run, but were quickly caught by the officers and arrested, the spokesman said.

Evidence found on the two men linked them to another vehicle burglary and two attempted burglaries from vehicles in the same area, the spokesman said.

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