VIDEO: Man Creates Functional Cardboard Glock 19

Ever wanted to make your own Glock 19? YouTuber 'Blackfish' shows you exactly how to do it ... out of cardboard.

Now this is one arts and crafts project we can get behind. A YouTuber by the name of “Blackfish” has posted a video showing you how to make your own Glock 19. The catch? It’s actually made out of cardboard and instead of firing actual rounds, it shoots out paper projectiles. The guy who made this video probably has too much free time on his hands, but it’s hard not to marvel at the ingenuity and precision that went into this incredible design. In the end, the pistol looks great and is functional.

If you think you’re up for the challenge, head over to Blackfish’s YouTube channel, download the templates he provides, and try to make your own Glock 19. All you need is some cardboard, super glue, paper, sticks, rubber bands, and a lot of patience.

In addition to this Glock 19 video, Blackfish has videos on making a cardboard MP5; paper gun that shoots 32 ‘bullets’; paper revolver that shoots six projectiles; and a paper gun that fires eight ‘bullets.’ While we’ve only just become aware of this guy, he’s definitely on our radar now, and we’ll be on the lookout for anything else he puts up.

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