Career criminal found with fake Military IDs and uniforms.

He had fake Military IDs on him and fake uniforms.…

He had fake Military IDs on him and fake uniforms. Now federal agents are trying to figure out how a man from Argentina got them and how he was planning to use them.

Mario Achaval was supposed to be on his way back to Argentina; deported by the federal government. But somehow, the Department of Homeland Security couldn’t find him until he ended up in San Antonio Police custody.

This all started when police were called out to an attorney’s office on I-35 near Loop 410 late yesterday. Employees wouldn’t talk to us on camera, but a police report shows someone on staff had a heated argument about payment with Mario Achaval.

Later, after police obtained a warrant, they recovered five fake Military IDs in Achaval’s possession. They had his name and picture on them, along with rank and security clearance. They also found military uniforms with rank that would have classified him as a lieutenant colonel.

Source: Mireya Villarreal for WOAI.

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  • jsa

    Recent Newspaper article in Seattle claims a flood of very good fake DL’s and gov’t ID’s are coming from, you guessed it, China. Complete with halograms and correct paint and text color.