Castle Doctrine needs support of Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

The Pennsylvania House and Senate have passed the Castle Doctrine,…

The Pennsylvania House and Senate have passed the Castle Doctrine, but in separate bills.One version remains alive this legislative session, and it’s up to House leadership to see if it gets a vote.

“I’d be shocked if they allow another chance for the Castle Doctrine to get through the House,” said Rep. Rob Kauffman, R-Chambersburg.

The Castle Doctrine would eliminate a requirement that a person attempt to flee a confrontation before using deadly force in self-defense. It’s named for the expression “a man’s home is his castle.” Under the proposed law, a person must have a reasonable belief that he or she was in imminent danger before using lethal force.

The first time, House Democrats stonewalled National Rifle Association’s initiative as long as they could, according to Kauffman.

Time is running out this session. The Senate on Thursday packed up for the year. The House meets next week to clean up its calendar before the election. The House is tied to deciding on Senate actions without making any amendments.

The Senate by a vote of 41-8 on Wednesday tacked the Castle Doctrine onto a bill (House Bill 1926) that requires transient sexual offenders to tell police the places they frequent. The Senate passed the amended HB 1926 on Thursday by a vote of 45-4. The House, which overwhelmingly supported a similar Castle Doctrine measure, now considers the bill.

Source: Jim Hook for Public Opinion Online.

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