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  • Jman

    Hey EVERYONE!! Stop calling semi-auto rifles assault rifles. By definition an assault rifle has the ability to fire in full-auto. Unless you have lots of money to purchase a real class III registered full-auto then you can call them assault rifles but for the civilian market they are just SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifles Period. Don’t give in to the Media/Government properganda envolving this kind of misinformation. Knowledge is key, so stand behind your rights as an a American, all your rights and hold yourself and others accountable. Slowly they will brainwash you into thinking all guns are evil no mater what style or caliber. Many years ago they started by repeating the words Assault Rifle for the standard semi-auto AR15 or Russian AKM and now it seems the norm to call all of them assault rifles 🙁 Just Saying…Anyone Listening??

  • Mr. K

    “03:34 – Law enforcement and citizens will be placed in jeopardy from this marketing move.”
    When will they learn that the only people who obey the gun control laws are the law biding citizens? Criminals don’t care and will continue to place police and citizens in jeopardy. I’d rather have a good law biding citizen with a CA band assault rifle at my back, then a unarmed sheep running in fear. We need to stop making victims and start training people how to take care of them selves.