CBS report triggers new legislation to ban California’s ‘Bullet Button’ (video).

The modification has allowed military style rifles like the AR-15…

The modification has allowed military style rifles like the AR-15 to proliferate in the state, something Senator Yee said has got to stop.

“It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion,” said Yee.

That’s why the Senator is introducing a bill to ban the bullet button.

“What I am proposing is to essentially prevent any mechanism that would allow the conversion of an assault weapon into a way that you can fire these magazines upon magazines without effort,” he said.

The senator’s bill is already in the cross-hairs of the Calguns Foundation, the state’s leading gun rights group.

Source: CBS 5 San Francisco

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  • the rakkasan

    assault weapons are banned, have been since the twenties. these clowns are trying to ban modern sporting rifles. if murder is illegal and the criminals dont pay attention to that law what would make somebody believe these criminals will pay attention to a gun law. come on people whats really going on.

  • CommiFornia

    Senator Yee is a communist clown. What a joke, why doesn’t he focus on funding missing childrenp programs, harsher laws for pedophiles,gangsters, rapists, murderes, etc. No the idiot wants to ban every type of weapon. First the assualt weapons, then comes shotguns,handguns and when he finishes getting rid of all guns, sling shots, boomerangs, knives and spoons will be next. Oh and pens and pencils because you can stab someone too. Oh yeah cars, because you can use them as weapons, so we will buy horses to ride again. Commmifornia

  • Freddie Mac

    Once again, Matt hits it on the head. An Yee is a fucking idiot.

  • Caleb

    Another senator afraid of “black guns”… great.

  • Jman

    Oh Yeah I forgot, Arm all bad guys because they do not care for the law no matter how it’s written. Bad People will keep doing bad things but God forgive the Law abidding citizen who want’s to have fun shooting and protect his family and friends around them. Senator Lee this is America and we are FREE!! Quit feeding on the ignorant fear of people and guns. Sorry guys im done, my rant is over… The elite have bigger plans for California? Glad I’m not there anymore!

  • Jman

    Yes Senator Lee, It is not okay to own assault weapons for the average American” Unless? “YOU GO THROUGH THE BACKROUND CHECK GET YOUR 200.00 DOLLAR TAX STAMP AND SPEND THOUSAND’S OF DOLLARS ON THAT FIREARM”! When gangs attack and the police are seconds away, then just load up on body bags. That is all you will be able to do to protect your family, friends, neighbors, and all others who put their trust in YOU?! Senator Lee when you go out are you armed? or do you have body guard’s that are armed around you? Who will protect us when there is no one around to do so? Lastly what happend to just wanting to shoot a rifle at a target from a law abiding citizen a few more times than Bang,reload,Bang,reload,Bang, and so on. If you are not a countryman, rifleman, sportsman, American!!!! Then you just do not understand! Sad very Sad…. Just Saying, Anyone Listening??..

  • Rick

    Matt said it best.

  • jimmycthemd

    What ever happened to our constitutional right to bear arms. Protect the public from who??? Who’s going to protect the public from people like Senator Lee who don’t believe in individual rights?????

  • D. Hodges

    Well thats what happens when an idiot, gets voted in office. What a joke.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Kalifornia where illegal is ok and legal is not