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  • mcnk

    Finally a win for the good guys !!
    cost this dirtbag his life but maybe it will save another.
    we dont have a carjacking problem in Oklahoma!!

  • Steve T

    It was not a clear case of self defense. He should have let the guy take his car. He wouldn’t have felt that he could challenge the guy if he didn’t have a gun. The guy is a scumbag for stealing a car, but last I checked, there is not a death penalty for grand theft auto. The guy was not in any imminent danger until he challenged the suspect. This guy should go to jail for murder, plain and simple.

  • Erik

    Liberals would have preferred it if you had been shot and allowed the criminal to be ‘rehabilitated’ and get on welfare.

  • Jim

    Hey CNN, FOX, MSNBC, are you going to report on this, probably not!

  • Todd D