Charges filed against man police wouldn’t arrest

Murder charges have been filed against an ex-convict who had…

Murder charges have been filed against an ex-convict who had to turn himself in twice before Detroit police would arrest him, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Police Chief Ralph Godbee says his department is investigating what went wrong.

According to authorities, Adris McCullough, 36, got into an argument on the street outside his house about 1:40 a.m. Saturday. They say he retrieved a rifle from his house and opened fire, killing two men and wounding two others. Those killed were Detroit residents Leshawn Glover, 37, and Chad Berry, 23, said Wayne County prosecutor’s spokeswoman Maria Miller.

About two hours after the shootings, the suspect went to a Detroit fire station and tried to surrender, police said in a statement. Fire officials called police, but no officers showed up.

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  • Nathan

    And to think: it took me 7 years, a ruined career and multiple, aggressive arrest attempts before i got the police to focus on their real jobs and stop screwing with me for something i didn’t even do! Every time i turn around, it seems like our cops and courts give only the bona fide scumbags in our society an even break… what gives?