Chevrolet Caprice PPV receives high marks from Georgia LEOs.

Early law enforcement departments to add the Caprice PPV to…

Early law enforcement departments to add the Caprice PPV to their fleets include the Forsyth County, Georgia Sheriff’s Department which began using it for patrol in Cumming, Georgia this past May. After just one month on patrol, the sheriff’s office plans to replace its current fleet of about 175 patrol vehicles with the Caprice PPV.

“With its emphasis on the ergonomically designed seats for officer comfort, and enhanced safety features, the Caprice is a vehicle that is made for police work,” said Forsyth County Sheriff Ted Paxton. “We’ve had our vehicles for a month, and we’re sold. This will be a worthwhile investment.”

2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV)

“The Chevrolet Caprice PPV is our response to what our nation’s police officers said they needed to safely and effectively perform their jobs,” said Brian Small, general manager, GM Fleet and Commercial Operations. “In the design process of this vehicle, we polled many of our customers to gain insight. Thus far, the results seem to speak for themselves and prove that customer feedback is critical to meet and exceed expectations.”

Source: Dottie Hanah Smith for Automotive Discovery.

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