Chewbacca Sounds Off at TSA for Taking His Lightsaber Cane

Well wookie what we have here... a lightsaber?!? Actor Peter…

Well wookie what we have here… a lightsaber?!?

Actor Peter Mayhew was stopped by Transportation Security Administration agents in Denver. Mayhew, who famously portrayed the character Chewbacca in the “Star Wars” franchise of feature films, was boarding a flight with a cane shaped like one of science-fiction’s most iconic weapons—a lightsaber.

“Because of the unusual weight of the passenger’s cane, a security officer alerted a supervisor. Less than five minutes later the passenger and cane were cleared to travel,” the TSA said in a brief statement released to The Associated Press on Saturday.

Mayhew was said to have responded with the following statement:

For the record, Chewbacca used a blaster, not a lightsaber. Of course blasters, while not officially banned, might also raise eyebrows with TSA.


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