Chicago City Council passes new Daley gun restrictions 45-0.

The Chicago City Council today passed Mayor Richard Daley's new…

The Chicago City Council today passed Mayor Richard Daley’s new set of gun restrictions 45-0.

The swift approval came just four days after the U.S. Supreme Court effectively tossed out Chicago’s longstanding ban on handguns. Daley introduced the gun restrictions Thursday and aldermen approved the ordinance about 24 hours later.

“The decision that the Supreme Court made was not in keeping with the best interest of our citizens,” said Ald. Daniel Solis, 25th, in keeping with comments by several of his colleagues.

“People say we’re restricting weapons, we are not restricting weapons,” said Ald. James Balcer, 11th. “I don’t know how anyone can say that, when as of right now you can have a number or rifles, a number of shotguns. . . You can buy one pistol a month. What is wrong with that? If you can’t protect your home with that armament, you shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be here.

“This is a good ordinance, and it abides by the constitution. People can defend the inside of their homes. No one is seizing your weapons,” Balcer added.
Ald. Rey Colon, 35th, whose brother was fatally shot in 1979, said the justices on the nation’s top court don’t understand the reality of the inner city.

“I understand the right to bear arms, but I also understand parents crying in their sleep,” he said.

After today’s vote, it will be a while before any new guns bought under the ordinance show up in city residences.

It will be 10 days before the new ordinance becomes city law. Then anyone who wants to get a handgun must obtain a Chicago firearm permit, and the Police Department has up to four months to process the applications.

To apply for a permit, applicants must provide a certificate indicating they have passed a firearms training course with four hours in the classroom and an hour on the range.

People have committed violent crimes, or have two or more convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not be allowed to get the permits.

The restrictions could trigger a legal challenge from at least some of the pro-gun forces that put the gun ban on its death bed.

After aldermen approved the city’s controversial parking meter lease less than 47 hours after Mayor Richard Daley’s administration presented it to them, several said they would not again be rushed so fast in making major decisions.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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  • Wes

    “The only two states left without concealed carry are Illinois and Wisconsin, so if you can stay to hell out of those police states, especially Illinois.”

    Gun laws aren’t all that bad in Wisconsin. There is no registration, no permits, no extra fees other than the background check on handguns, no waiting period on rifles, no “accessories” bans like magazine capacity or heat shields or anything, etc.

    And while there is no concealed-carry, open-carry is arguably better since you may not be able to hide a .32 on yourself while walking around, but you can have a .44 right on your hip.

    In related news, Gerald Fox, the DA for Jackson County, WI, says the Supreme Court’s recent decision makes certain gun laws in WI unconstitutional, and so he will no longer prosecute things such as uncased firearms in a vehicle or concealed-carry.

    So, Chicago, and to a lesser extent Cook County, may still have the chains on its citizens, but the Supreme Court ruling has already helped freedom elsewhere.

  • Typical damn liberal demoncrats…………….. They always KNOW what is best for everyone, except they and theirs are not obliged to follow the law like the rest of us mortals. Just look at obama and the rest of his scum. If they can legalize all the illegal aliens, their voting block will keep them in power for as long as us dumba s ses will continue to work and pay taxes. We have to stop them in November or I fear it will be too late


    Don’t you suppose that if one could move the hell out of Chicago, they would. It is nothing but a black city, run by incompetent stupes and a mayor who is following in his Daddy’s foot steps.
    The U.S. Constitution means nothing to them – Mayor Daley is nothing but a thug, along with his friends in the W.H. Gang.
    The only two states left without concealed carry are Illinois and Wisconsin, so if you can stay to hell out of those police states, especially Illinois. By the way, they are broke and are about to stop paying their bills.
    Even though Mayor Daley is not black, every big city that is controlled by a black mayor with a huge black population has major corruption and a high murder rate. All the decent people that could moved to the suburbs – they got out of the jungle.

  • shaft

    I don,t live in Chicago, However I too an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution of the United States, The last time I checked Mayor Daliy took the same oath, or did Chicago become another country, and Mayor Daliy and his band of criminals are the dictators?!

  • Otto

    Stop voting for these power hungry politicians! Send them packing and get some common sense, constitution abiding representatives of the PEOPLE!
    “From our cold, dead hands…” they’ll have to pry our guns away.

  • I think the mayor and all of his friends should have to move to the area with all the crime. Then hang a sign in the window of the house they are living in that says don’t worry there are no guns in this house. The bad guys will know were to go. Lets see if the change the vote. Oops maybe they wont be around to vote.

  • so if you have ever been in a fight, or been convicted of two dui’s

    “also noted that it says commited violent crime not convicted for a violent
    crime like in the phrase after about being convicted of two or more dui’s,but they used the word convicted in the next instence,but why not in the violent crime statement?”

    if i take olny the data from that statement, im left with… “if you have enough money to get a lawyer too ram this law down aldermens,daley,or colon’s commi throat… then you may have a gun anyway no matter how violent of a person you are”

    the poor and disinfranchised people of chicago that have had to fight to live or for their civil
    rights and be acountable for the actions of their self,and acountable for the actions of others when those people refused to be seem to have been left out…when infact those poor people are the ones most at risk of being killed by domestic narco terrorist gang members that fear the people
    will ban togeather and go to law enforcement with
    vital info in time to impose their will upon
    the element of crime that exists opposite 2 inchs
    of their front door.

    this bill should called” screw the poor let the kulling begin”

    i dont understand.i just read about black panthers
    at the polls in philly last election when obama
    was running for president,and as the story go’s
    they stood there with billy clubs saying “down with whitey” as to say they have been treated unfair,and no more they have had enough,but here
    is a city where millions of good black folks live
    who’s right to bare arms and due process has been smashed based on the way the law was wrote
    .”that commited VS. convicted statement about the violence that may prevent you from owning a side arm”
    and where are the black panthers now when people need them the most in chicago
    “home of the famous barack obama”

    well i’ll tell you where they were! getting ready
    to answer to the justice department for violaiting
    peoples civil rights that fine day in philly.
    “by the way eric holder and the flunky bunch steped in and told the lawyers to ignore the subpeonas and then called the justice department and told them to drop all the charges”

    one of the panthers name later showed up on the guest list at the white house……up until that point the case was a slam dunk for the justice department
    based on the fact the black panthers never showed
    up to court…you see the black panthers were not acountable.just like eric holder was not acountable,just like the killers and gang members
    in chicago are not acountable!

    now on the other hand those folks that showed up
    for court for their dui’s were acountable.
    those folks that showed up for court after getting
    into a fight were acountable.

    now if your life depended on it,who would you want to show up in your defence?

    dont get me wrong nobody wants armed robbers getting permits for hand guns’but this law really does not do anything to stop that,because crooks like that dont get gun permits.

    i think these crazy gun laws put everyone in a bad spot, and because of that alot of people are not ready to use the gun to the best of their means when that time comes sometimes creating a even worse event too transpire in homes, and on the street

  • J

    Wow is anybody reading this? Yeah you can have a gun in the home to defend yourself, but go to your garage to grab something while armed your a criminal??? what? wow!!! Again people think! please think who you vote for. A person who is willing to commit a crime will not care about your laws or the laws that are set before them. If in their mind they are commited to a crime they will execute it with out hesitation or guilt. It is easier for a criminal to prey on a victim they know is unarmed then one who is armed. All the mayor of chicago is doing is letting the rights of defending yourself go out the door! Great you can protect your house but what about your family outside? The police can not be everywhere,come on! It takes just seconds to rob,steal,rape,murder,etc… and if you do not have the means to defend then your done, just another number/satistic that antigun folks say “see guns are bad look how many people were killed,raped,murdered..etc.” but in reallity if chicago could defend themselves then how many of those numbers of dead would be those who would do them harm. Tides would turn… I guess if your a criminal go to chicago you have a well paying job ahead of you and probably can make a lot of money on the streets preying on everyone.. Sad just Sad sorry chicago my thoughts are with all of you.