WWll Vets’ Firearms Rejected By City of Chicago

Here at Tactical-Life.com, we can't believe that Major General Levine,…

Here at Tactical-Life.com, we can’t believe that Major General Levine,
who recently passed away, is being treated like this. A piece of history and his life story, should be told. What do you think?

From ABC 7 News:

Did you know that Chicago museums can’t display firearms?

That fact came to light after the family of a World War II hero donated some of his belongings to the Pritzker Military Library.

Currently, among the many displays at the institution is the Class A uniform of Major General William Levine, who is one of the highest ranking Jewish Generals in US Army history. Levine was among the allied liberators of the death camp at Dachau.

General Levine passed away this year, and his family donated his uniform, papers and a handgun that he had obtained from a Nazi officer.

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