Chicago still not up to speed with new gun law.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley railed against the U.S. Supreme Court last summer because he feared the court would find Chicago’s handgun ban unconstitutional.

“They’re barricading the doors but they’re saying everybody else should have guns. That’s the thing that bothers me in Washington. As you notice, all Washington is being barricaded, all federal buildings, but they’re saying everybody else should be able,” said Daley.

His fears were well founded.

But after the court overturned Chicago’s ban, it took just a couple of weeks for the city to write, pass, and implement a new gun law.

It was a decisive reaction but it was also largely symbolic.

And it’s not terribly effective… at least not yet.

If you want to register a handgun in the city of Chicago you have to come here, to 4770 south Kedzie on the southwest side.

The City of Chicago has a storefront facility in a rather unremarkable strip mall.

Some of the other storefronts are vacant although there is a “Fashion Bug,” a “Dollar Tree” and in the parking lot out front there’s a “Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

Inside, Chicagoans can pay parking tickets, or get police reports, or go through the application process that will allow them to legally own a handgun in the city.

Source: Chicago Press Release