CIA contractor released after Pakistan killings (video).

A CIA contractor who killed two Pakistani men was released…

A CIA contractor who killed two Pakistani men was released from jail Wednesday after $1.4 million in compensation was paid to their families, according to a lawyer closely connected to the case.

Raymond Davis — who has now left Pakistan, according to a U.S. official not authorized to speak for attribution — had been in jail since January in a case that has strained the always tense relationship between the United States and Pakistan.

The families of two men he killed forgave him, a government official said Wednesday.

Davis’ immediate destination after being released was unclear.

The U.S. official insisted that the release of Davis was a decision made by the Pakistanis, and that there was “no quid pro quo” between Washington and Islamabad. The official refused to comment on whether there was a exchange of so-called “blood money.”

Source: CNN

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  • Jman

    Really? Really? Man the main media news reported 2.3 million dollars and I read 1.4 million what gives…. It really is starting to show how our miss-information is confusing if not redirecting out attention from the real truth. To every free thinking soul who has not given in to mass media or incorrect information “trust no one” question everything and only believe what makes sense or works for you. These are scary times so take care of your own and look out for number one, for no one else will no matter what they tell you. Prayers to all…stay low, shoot straight, and watch your six……