City taxpayers to buy Wyoming P.D. officer’s weapons.

Wyoming Chief of Police Paul Hoppe obviously had done his…

Wyoming Chief of Police Paul Hoppe obviously had done his homework before coming to council last week with an $11,000 request. For almost an hour Hoppe took questions from Wyoming City Council members about his new department policy that requires the city taxpayer to provide an officer’s firearm.

Hoppe asked for 12 guns and accessories to be purchased at a cost of $11,849. The weapons will be assigned to each of 11 officers, who can take them home. (There’s one extra weapon to be available when someone’s gun is out of service.)

The city’s controls and risk management will be improved by doing this, the chief contended. Hoppe said the city also alleviates the burden of a new officer having to front $1,000 to buy a weapon upon being hired.

The “privately owned” guns that are used now are various calibers and make/models. Standardizing department weapons is the chief’s main goal. Hoppe added that training is simplified when everyone has the same weapon. Repair and maintenance will be easier to administer. Any discharge of the firearm is also important to be able to track and when the gun is owned by the city, officers won’t be able to take them hunting, etc. said the chief.

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