Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner: Demonizing gun owners.

Daniel White's excerpt from The Examiner: Gun control is losing…

Daniel White’s excerpt from The Examiner:

Gun control is losing in this country. Since the mid-eighties, gun rights have slowly begun to pick up speed with the vast majority of states adopting more lenient gun control laws and passing concealed carry legislation. The gun ban movement has lost one Supreme Court fight (Heller) and is on the verge of losing another (McDonald). Reports are in from all over the country that concealed carry licenses are being issued at record rates. Ohio, for example, issued more licenses in 2009 than it did during the first year the program was enacted back in 2004.

Now that the American Public has seen through one set of lies it is time for another. In the past, most of the effort has focused on blaming the gun for the actions of the person, now they are going all out to demonize gun owners themselves.

The latest attempt is by the Violence Policy Center who has done “research” and is keeping a tally of all stories they can find where a person with a concealed handgun license has killed someone. Currently, they claim a number of 151 deaths since 2007.

It is unfortunate that the licensing process is not a magic indicator that a person is a fine upstanding citizen. However, it can be shown that as a whole, the kinds of people who jump through the hoops to get one of these licenses are among the most law abiding segments of society. The very number reported proves that. 151 deaths over three years works out to 50 per year. While every loss of life is tragic on some level, we do need some perspective on the issue. So, let’s look at a few things that kill more than 50 people per year to see if maybe we should focus our efforts there instead.

People with driver’s licenses killed 37,261 in 2008
Medical personnel are estimated to kill 225,000 people per year due to mistakes
An estimated 1,500 children per year are killed by their parents
73 people per year die from lightning strikes
3,500 people drown
63,000 die from the flu

The list goes on and on. We can’t punish the many for the acts of the few. We don’t take away everyone’s driver’s license just because a drunk driver kills someone. We punish the person who committed the crime. But, that kind of logic doesn’t further an agenda.

Read the rest of Daniel White’s column at Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner.

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  • Thanks Tactical Life….several states are transitioning to No CHL license required for concealed carry. Texas since 2007 allows legal citizens, doing legal activities, not a gang member and always keeping the handgun concealed to carry from home to car, while traveling, and in their place of sleep. In Texas one can stand their ground if under assault by an entity using lethal force. Our person, our property and the life of another are our “Castle” and can be defended by lethal force when threatened by lethal force. God Bless Texas. Let those who want to harm or tyranize us beware. RNS RJI

  • KRFin

    So we have a better chance of being struck and killed by lightning than killed by a CCW/CHL/CPL holder.. argument over