Cleveland, Ohio melts down 700 firearms after buyback program (video).

In what has become an annual spectacle, the city dumped…

In what has become an annual spectacle, the city dumped more than 700 firearms into the Number 1 Basic Oxygen Furnace at the Cleveland Arcelor Mittal facility.

The formerly useful weapons, collected in “gun buyback” programs in the city and surrounding communities in September, were subjected to temperatures of about 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit and 200 tons of molten iron.

It’s not clear how the city could “buy back” something it didn’t own in the first place.

According to WTAM 1100 news, “Parma Mayor Dean DePiero says in a small but significant way, the gun buy back program is making our streets safer, and hopes it is expanded to more communities next year.” Presumably he said this with a straight face. But he’s wrong—dead wrong.

At best, the destruction of the firearms will have no negative impact.  It’s also possible, though, that the lack of a gun will ensure that an innocent victim does not have the means of self-protection in the face of an attack.

Source: Gun Owners of America via

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