Clinton, Mass. police seek $6,000 for mobile firing range.

Image: Wikipedia Police Department firearms training this year will take…

Image: Wikipedia

Police Department firearms training this year will take place in a mobile firing range unit — a trailer — parked at the police station, rather than on a problematic firing range on Clinton-owned land in Lancaster long complained about by neighbors.

Selectmen tonight, with some disagreement, voted to add $6,000 to the police budget for next year for the trailer. Selectman James J. LeBlanc pointed out that using a trailer saves overtime pay because officers would remain in town, and, at $3,000 per visit, it allows for two trainings a year. Mr. LeBlanc said shotgun and handgun training is included.

The town has a pending lawsuit against Lancaster for ordering police to stop training at the range. Police and recreational shooting was halted several years ago by the then-Lancaster zoning agent. A second lawsuit is pending against Lancaster by the Clinton Fish and Game Protective Association, which holds a lease on the land.

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  • Adam Broussard

    but guns are evil in Massachusetts. Why do the police need them in the Great and Shining People’s Democratic Republic Commonwealth if there is no crime because all weapons are outlawed? Obviously the happy subjects of this fair and beautiful land have no ill will towards each other or the government and thus the police will not need or want such horrific weapons.