CNN Source: 69 patriot missiles found on South Korea bound ship are legal.

Image: Patriot missiles found on a ship bound for…


Patriot missiles found on a ship bound for Asia were being sent legally, a source told CNN Thursday.
Finnish authorities had discovered and seized the shipment for investigation.

The weapons were being sent to South Korea, a customs official familiar with the case told CNN.

“The exporters had all necessary permissions, including an export authorization and a special authorization for the export of war weapons,” the source said. “The ship departed from the German port of Emden.”

Finnish authorities said Wednesday they had impounded the 69 Patriot missiles.

Source: CNN.

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  • ARA

    A second-party sale of the most sophisticated technologies and weapons between two of America’s “allies,” neither the US nor Raytheon was aware, and it’s legal? Sure. Right. You betcha.