CNN source: Mubarak leaves Cairo for Sinai resort town.

Egypt's embattled President Hosni Mubarak has fled the burgeoning protest…

Egypt’s embattled President Hosni Mubarak has fled the burgeoning protest crowds of Cairo to the Sinai resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, a source with close connections to Persian Gulf government figures told CNN on Friday.

Mubarak departed the Egyptian capital leaving the regime’s daily workings in the hands of Vice President Omar Suleiman as he had pledged to do in his speech Thursday night.

But his refusal to stand down as head of state fueled fresh fury Friday on the streets of Cairo where protesters made their strongest stand yet in the 18 days of uprising in the Arab word’s powerhouse nation.

The army made an attempt to appease the people with a publicly aired statement but its message fell on deaf ears as the crowds spilled out from central Tahrir Square and swelled in front of the state television building, the presidential palace and the parliament, all powerful symbols of Mubarak’s three decades of authoritarian rule.

Source: CNN

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  • General Jim M

    Oh just one more thing. If Mubarak was such a horrible dictator why didn’t he order the military to fire on the crowds? Or run them over with tanks like our friends the ChiComs did in China? I guess he wasn’t really that bad.

  • General Jim M

    How happy will everyone be when jihadis control both the straits of Hormuz and the Suez canal and the Chinese communists control the Panama canal? My advice? Buy a horse.

  • General Jim M

    Now all those nice American Abrams tanks are going to be used to attack Israel.We should NEVER ARM ARABS.You do know that the US arms and trains Palestinians, right? The people who brought us airplane hijacking,shooting up schools and schoolbuses,suicide bombing and the brainwashing of grammer school kids to be killers of jews and christians.Yup,we are giving them weapons and we are training them.Now all they will do is kill Jews.Of course with the present government,maybe that’s the whole idea.Allah akbar!

  • CNN failed to mention that Egypt has been ruled by a Military Dictatorship…since 1952. Mubarak has left…all of the key leadership positions in Egypt are still held by the military now just as before. The military and the Egyptian security forces make up more than 1 million Egyptians. The total number of “protestors” was never more than 250,000 according to they were seen only in Cairo (a city of almost 20 million people), their nunbers were magnified and grossly overestimated daily by the US and International “journalists”. One so called Immam say there were 3 million protestors. So what has changed..Mubarak is gone and another military leader has taken his place.