Coast Guard offers $3,000 reward in yacht explosion hoax.

A reported explosion on a yacht off the coast of…

A reported explosion on a yacht off the coast of central New Jersey that the Coast Guard later determined was a hoax has prompted the agency to offer a $3,000 reward for the prosecution of the person responsible.

Deputy Commander Gregory Hitchen said at a news conference that the search and rescue operation on Monday evening cost at least $88,000 and lasted about four hours. He said the emergency call came from a radio that was being used by someone on land, not on the water.

Hitchen said the caller gave authorities a “specific blow-by-blow” on how the boat was filling up with water.

“Many hoax calls, you can tell immediately they’re from children,” he said. “This one was somewhat calm but was giving a convincing story as to what the nature of his emergency was.”

Source: CBS News/AP

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