College police officers choose Beretta’s Cx4 Storm carbine/patrol rifle for carry

ACCOKEEK, MD– Since 2000, over seventy college students, staff, and…


ACCOKEEK, MD– Since 2000, over seventy college students, staff, and teachers have been murdered on college campuses in the United States and Canada. Overall crime statistics for assault, burglary, rape and other crimes have escalated along with the casualty rates*. But it was the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 that brought the need for greater campus security to the forefront for campus authorities and police. As the crime statistics increase, campus police are assessing their current training and equipment programs. The College of William and Mary is one such campus that embarked on an extensive evaluation process that resulted in the selection of the Beretta Cx4 Storm for use as a patrol Carbine/Rifle for college police officers.

“The College of William and Mary is a prestigious institution, not only for their status as the second oldest college in the United States, but also for their leadership in student safety and campus security,” said Elio J. Oliva, Vice President, Beretta Law Enforcement and Defense Division. “The William and Mary Police recognizes that the Cx4 carbine is a cost-effective, accurate and reliable tool that allows the patrol officer to quickly respond to threats that are beyond pistol range”, added Mr. Oliva.

“Beretta’s commitment to quality and innovation is what made us choose the Cx4 Storm patrol rifle,” said Deputy Chief Ed Davis of the College of William and Mary. “Not only is the Cx4 state-of-the-art but its ease-of-use and adaptability for both right and left hand users make it an ideal rifle for any department, large or small. We recently sent a couple of our officers to a patrol rifle instructor’s course where we shot over 2500 rounds through the Storms. We were pleased to be the only weapon platform present that did not have a single malfunction.”

“In today’s environment, speed of response and the ability for individual officers to quickly engage and defeat threats is of vital importance. Beretta designed the Cx4 Storm Carbine for this purpose and made extensive use of new materials and manufacturing techniques to develop a small, lightweight and balanced platform that allows even marginal shooters to effectively engage targets with precision shots at distances beyond pistol range.” Matteo Recanatini, Marketing Manager for Beretta’s Law Enforcement and Defense division, added.

Beretta’s Cx4 Storm Carbine/Patrol rifle features a fixed barrel design with a long sight radius of 12.9 inches for inherent accuracy. The Cx4’s weight of just 5.75 lbs. and overall length of 29.7 inches make it not only lightweight, but compact. The versatile Cx4 is left to right adaptable just by changing out the cross-bolt safety, magazine release button, and the bolt handle; all without the use of tools or additional components. Side and bottom accessory rails allow for easy mounting of tactical lights, lasers, and other accessories. The Cx4 Storm Carbine is available in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45 ACP. The Cx4 Storm Carbine / Patrol rifle accepts Px4 pistol magazines allowing for interchangeability between pistol and carbine shooters.

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  • chad

    my springfield xd in .45 holds 14. whats up with a lack of a higher capacity magazine. only thing holding me back is the lack of a higher capacity mag. can’ believe noone aftermarket is making one.?

  • Jimbow

    8 rounds of .45 ACP = 2 shots each for 4 attackers.
    10 rounds = 2 for 5 attackers….in .45 ACP at say, 1050 FPS in a 230 grain bullet.
    I have never seen a .45 go through a 1/4″ steel plate at 100 yards.
    I have seen, and done, it with an AR in .223 / 5.56.
    100 years of proven performance ! IN ! combat.
    I think the .45 has spoken for it self. CX4 in .45 for me.

  • was considering buying a cx4 in 45 caliber. i may not now because there are no high capacity mags for it.

  • Justice

    If you want a higher capacity capability go with the 9mm round. In the +P or +P+ version the 9mm will out penetrate the 40 or the 45. When you need to make a head shot at 100 yrds or closer the 9mm+p is the trick. This round was designed originally for the carbine/smg rifle. The cost of training ammo is less than with any other ammo also. For colleges in Metro areas the carbine rifle fits the bill. Limited range like a shotgun with less recoil and more accuracy. If only Beretta would make it in a 7.62x33mm (M1 carbine) caliber. And the DEBATE goes on!!!!

  • SweetPain

    Kenny – how do your PX4 10rd mags fit in your CX4 .45ACP after you removed the Series 8000 insert? Do the mags fit snug and firm or is there play or slack in the mag well? I haven’t removed my insert yet, I am just curious to know your experience before I go out and purchase PX4 10rd mags.

  • allanonmage

    So BudsGuns is running a special on the .45 version and I really want to get it. Sadly I might not due to the lack of a high capacity magazine. I mean, my S&W M&P .45 has 14 rnd mags, if I’m going to carry a med/longarm, it has to have more than 8 rnds. More mags make for more things to keep up with and more reloads, neither of which work in in a non combat situation that escalates to combat. If I knew about it beforehand, I’d be ready SWAT style with body armor, AR, shotgun, and backup.

    So I’m really torn: I could get the gun and hope for a high cap mag, but it looks like people have been wanting high cap mags for this for a few years now. And at the price buds is asking, I’m sure their stock will go pretty quick.

  • jon

    to those who post that 8 rnds of .45 should be enough I suggest you research what happens in a gun fight. accuracy goes down by 25% or more. Those 100 yd shots at a pie plate that isnt moving are MUCH easier than the same shot at a moving target.. ESPECIALLY if the target is shooting back. If 8 rounds are enough then why does EVERY cop I know carry spare magazines?? Try watching a police shootout video other than the hollywood back heist. Cops die in the line of duty… Id hate to think that those losses happened during a reload because the cop was under fire and couldn’t get the bad guy to stop shooting and still while the cop got a nice rest and steady aim. Got real people. Too much ammo is way better than not enough!!! Ive been a cop and I worked the gun line for the DOC. Ive seen what happens in real shootouts. It isn’t pretty so lets give our boys in blue EVERY advantage we can!

  • bucky

    Someone please make a High Capacity Magazine for the CX4 Storm .45 !!!! I’ve got two 8-rounders and one 9-rounder for this beast! Had to go to a gun show to find the 9-rounder, which I’ve tested at the range with beautiful results. My AR-15 cuts the targets like a knife but that .45 Storm punches a huge hole that would rip open any unfortunate invader/terrorist.

  • brian

    Given the body-armor risk and also the potential requirement to shoot into vehicles…. e.g. Miami in 1986….. maybe Springfield Arms has the right combination. (Especially for California.)

    1. Primary: .308 Socom-16
    2. Backup: .45 no-frills pistols

    Incidentally, the Socom-16 has no recoil.

    Also, civilians in California can legally carry only 10-round magazines anyway.

  • Buying the CX4 was the best thing the college has done for us here at the department. And now we are proud owners of the PX4 and it is just as smooth shooting as it’s big brother the CX4. The great thing about it is the fact that the pistol mags can be used with the carbine and vice versa. A great gun to have in the arsenal.

    To James all I need is 2 two shots and that is because it is our policy. But both weapons deliver on target with no troubles. I agree with Skelly607.

  • Trip

    I think it’s intreresting as far as the .45acp capacity debate. I have cx-4 in .45 and think the 8 round mags are accurate. The carbine is enjoyable to shoot and accurate. I do not see a need for higher capacity magazines in the .45. If you need more then 8 rounds to hit your target at close rang, maybe you should have bought a shotgun. Which leads me to my other point. FOr home defense ahot gun is the logical shoice. Do you really want to be unloading 15+ rounds of 9mm or other pistol ammo in your home where one might strike a family memeber?

  • GusCX4

    I’m not trying to be a smart@ss but I think one of those bank robbers was brought down with a 9mm MP5. The problem with AP rounds is all the stuff they will go through behind an unarmored bad guy or a missed shot. Not a good thing on a crowded campus or right out side the dorms for example. I know that I would not want to be engaging a bad guy with AP rnds and have the dorms or the cafeteria as a back drop in my sight picture. The PCC is a good choice with the right limitations. That is just my humble opinion anyway.

  • Glenn

    The CX4 is great, but for a response weapon I would stick with the AR15/16 and a 45 pistol (High capicty) as a back up. Bottom line today with the communication and accessibility, Those that go on a rampage are doing there homework. We all saw the LA Bank shoot out. Officers should carry no less then a 45/357 sidearm. Along with a AR 15/M16 in nearby in a vehicle or response unit with armor piercing rounds. As far as appearence goes ahh we all know what officers and military do if your offended by the appearence of protection. We can only hope you end up as one of the victims.

  • John

    I have seen an old handgun with a drum magazine. Im not sure what brand or model it was. At the bottom of the regular magazine was a drum offset to one side. Is something like this available for the storm? Is it possible?

  • Rich

    Now, for all of the people that are screaming about the CX4 Storm in 45 ACP not having a large cap mag I have to say first off to remember that the CX4 Storm was made with the expressed purpose of allowing either a citizen or an officer to use not only the same ammo for his carbine and side arm but also the exact same mags so with this in mind I have to ask how many of you have actually seen a 45 ACP pistol with a mag that holds 15 or more rounds in it? The 9mm version of the CX4 Storm has factory mags available in 15, 17, 18 and even 20 rounds because those mags also actually fit in the 92FS.

  • Rich

    p.s. now I don’t argue the body armour part but if an untrained shooter can hit the bull at 100 yards shouldn’t a trained officer be able to use the same weapon and get a good head shot if needed because a person on a killing spree is wearing body armour?

  • Rich

    WBH, even though you say you are an officer I do have to disagree with your statement of ” A 16 inch barrelled 9MM will not defeat level 2 body aromor with good trauma plates or make the weapon 100 yard plus capable.” I’m not an officer and I own a 9mm CX4 Storm and myself and two of my buddies are easilly hitting the bull in nice groups of ten at 100 yards so why can’t a trained officer? The 9mm round is fully able to reach that far and the Storm carbine adds the accuracy to the round to allow the accurate hits from that range when the pistol won’t.

  • Rich

    Kenny, even though it seems that Skelly answered your question I’d like to give a piece of warning for any others thinking of buying a Storm. There are actually four diffent versions of the CX4 Storm available for sale. Two in 9mm… that uses the 92 series mags (model JX49220)and one that uses the px4 Storm mags (model JX4P915) . There’s also a 40 S & W version that uses the 96 mags (model JX4P415) and then finally the one you obviously have one that uses the 45 PX4 Storm mags and also with an insert the 8000 series mag (model JX48520)

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    We are a small agency and have CX4s- love them- can’t go wrong with this Beretta product- William & Mary’s kids are safe!

  • Kenny

    Skelly607…….you sir are a genious! My CX4 did indeed have an insert already installed (from the factory) to accept series 8000 mags. I removed it and now my factory Beretta 10rd PX4 mags fit. Thanks for the information.

  • Skelly607

    Kenny, Have you looked to see if you already had an insert installed?
    Will your stock mag from your PX4 fit the CX4 and vise versa?
    Are the 2 mags you bought aftermarket?

  • Kenny

    I bought two of the 10rd PX4 45ACP mags anticipating that they would fit my CX4. They do not! It appears that they are too thick, anyway, they will not even load into the magazine well. Again, per my earlier post, I thought that the CX4 and PX4 were supposed to be an integral “unit” and they could share the same mags. If this is supposed to be the case, then there is something wrong with either….my CX4 or the PX4 mags that I bought.

  • Justin

    I read through the posts and didn’t see if anyone had asked this.. Beretta Makes a 10 rd 45 Mag for the PX4 Beretta PN JMPX4510. Has anyone here tried that one? If yes does it still require the insert? I found a couple of posts on other sites saying the insert wasn’t required. thanks in advance..

  • Skelly607

    Kenny,,,look for an insert.If you are using non CX4 mags,,,,like a 92FS mag,,,you will need to order a $14 insert for the CX4 so it will accept the 92FS MAG.
    Google “CX4 INSERT”
    Hope this helps.

  • Kenny

    Help me understand something. I thought one of the selling points of the PX4/CX4 “system” was that they used the same magazines? I just got my CX4 45ACP and…..unfortunately now know that the mags for the PX4 do not fit. Am I missing something?

  • After still more research, it looks as if Beretta will never give us the high cap mags for .45acp, so I am bailing out and selling my Cx4

  • GusCX4

    I agree it should be Beretta that brings the Hi-Cap 45mags first but there are a lot of mag companies out there that are not producing them either. I wonder why. Every gun forum on the internet has multiple posts about Hi-Cap CX4 45 mags so the demand is obvious but no one is knocking thier self getting them to the market.

  • coastiekyle

    Yeah great, lets put assault rifles all around a collage campus! These guys need medium range options, not friggin 200-300 yrd arms. As a “cop” WHB, you should probably see that. Also everyone keeps crying about the 45acp mags only hold 8 rnds. They are using 40S@W! The mags hold more. And as already said, the PX4 mags fit the CX4, so if we put that info together…the extended PX4 mags will fit……the….CX4…… I have a PX4 and love it. I have shot Glocks, S@W’s, Beretta 92’s, and qualified on the Sigs in the military, and the PX4 is just as good if not better than any of them so I can only assume they made a good buy on the CX4. They dont want over penetration, so a .223 (5.56) is not a good option. And like someone else said, they probably use the 40 as a pistol round so it all sounds good to me.

  • I bought a Cx4 45acp thinking Beretta would respond to the demand for a high cap mag. Stupid me! Shame on Beretta! It is probably the last Beretta I purchase.

  • GusCX4

    Also worth mentioning…at 100 meters out, if a round fired from a carbine still has as much velocity as a pistol generates at the muzzle ; wouldn’t that allow the user to inflict all the damage and penetration of a 5 foot pistol shot from 100 meters out? I can see the benefit in that.

  • GusCX4

    Regardless of what anyone says the ability to hit your target is most important of all. If you can improve that ability with the same mags/ammo as your side arm and at the price of a good quality pistol…that is going to appeal to alot of agencies. These agencies have budgets so unfortunately they have to budget for cost of equiping and training….thousands upon thousands of 223 rounds will be significantly more expensive to train and practice with than the 9mm or 40 rounds that they would still have to buy either way. Thats a lot of money to spend on the off chance that there will be a senario that the 223 “would have” and not just “could have” made all the difference.

    I have the 40 and I’m pretty confident that a 135gr JHP at 1500-1600fps is absolutely capable of ruining some ones whole day if it comes to trade’n bullets. Just my 2 cents.



  • Skelly607

    Iam cocky cause I can back it up,,,,,if YOU had done YOUR research YOU would know that the PX4 mags would fit a CX4.Now dont you feel silly.

  • Cymond

    Infidel, the CX4 uses the same magazines as the Px4 or 92/96 pistols, depending on which model of carbine you chose.

    As for the issue of a MP5 or AR-15, it is important to remember that this is a college campus. Appearances matter. What kind of message does it send if you have paramilitary looking guards? Some people will look at it and say “wow, they’re really security conscious” but others will freak out. Our society is largely unfriendly towards scary-looking guns. If a more powerful patrol rifle is really needed, then something conventional-looking would be recommended. Even if you disagree with the choice of a 40 S&W carbine over a rifle-cartridge, you must admit that the increases in accuracy and velocity are still a step up from a pistol.

  • WBH

    As a street cop, I see more and more bad guys using body aromor all the time. Wearing a pistol (and a back-up) on the uniform is a no-brainer for the immediate threat. If these guys at Universities need carbines for medium engagement distances and/or bad guys with body armor, then give them Carbine ammo that will address both problems. A 16 inch barrelled 9MM will not defeat level 2 body aromor with good trauma plates or make the weapon 100 yard plus capable. Why would we tie these Officers down with a largesr weapon that only has marginally improved ballistics over the handguns they already have? The increased capacity argument goes out the window immediately when most city cops only wish they had half the budget to work with that the unviersities do; give them MP5’s if they need capacity AND pistol ammo. For Police work in general the weapons used have been scrutinized and constantly evaluated over time. The consesus has become this: Reliable and combat accurate handguns for duty, MP5’s for inside CQB work (drug raids) AR-15’s for all patrol officers when things go south, and Rem. 700 based .308’s for sniper work. These carbines that throw pistol bullets around have no place in law enforcement, espicially ones that only carry 8 rounds.

  • Glen

    I bought a CX-4 in 45 ACP when they first became available. The weapon shoots beautifully. It is well made and thought out and comes in a very nice case. Only problem in the mag capacity? WTF? I have been patiently waiting for nearly 4 years now for high capacity mags for this. I have written to Beretta numerous times and asked every gun store, searched every forum. Is a 15 or 20 round mag too much to ask for? Hell, at this point I’d be happy with 10 or 12 round. Every time I go to the range I am constantly reloading the 2 mags I have for it. I didn’t want to waste money on any more 8 rounders figuring the bigger ones would be out soon. I don’t want 9mm or 40 cal

  • Brian

    What is the effective range of the rifle using 9mm

  • infidel

    Skelly607, that would be great if it were a PX4, but it is not, that is a pistol. It looks as if they are discussing the CX4 which is a pistol cal carbine two different animals. Pay attention if you are going to be cocky, better yet, do your research before you speak.

  • Richard

    I own a cx4 in .40 cal and get to the range about twice a month and i can’t tell you enough how lightweight and comfortable it is to shoot.when it come to accuracy and reliability,my groupings are .50 inches and have yet to have a malfunction.I agree that hits count, not the magazine capacity.

  • Skelly607

    James,,you really should research before you speak.

  • Tom

    I teach firearms/CCW classes and I usually hand around a Thompson 1927-A1, (Tommy-Gun), with a 55 round drum magazine and then pull out a CX4 Storm in 45 ACP to compare old to new technology. The FIRST QUESTION EVERY TIME is “Can you get a high capacity magazine for this Beretta too?”

    The answer I’m forced to give them is embarassing!

  • Kephra

    I own a CX4 Storm and with iron sights I can hit a 10 round string in an 8″ circle at 100 yards and I rarely get to go out to the range, someone with more training would be able to do better. Everyone always uses the Hollywood Bank Robbery Shoot out as an example. How difficult it is to make a head shot at 25 yards, the swat team that took one of the Robbers out used a 9mm MP5. MP5’s have around a 10″ barrel, overall length of around 27″. CX4 has a 16″ barrel with overall length of around 29″ so it’s almost the same size with more barrel. The choice makes a lot of sense. Even more sense if they have beretta pistols which use the same ammo and magazine. As far as capacity is concerned, if you can’t do it in 8, you’re probably doing more harm then good.

  • EJ

    The 9mm Cx4 can fit up to 20+1 rounds. William & Mary went with .40cal Cx4 also with higher round count

  • James

    I find it hard to believe that a law enforcement agency or a citizen who needs a rifle or carbine for personal defense would choose a weapon that has a magazine capacity of only 8 rounds as does the Cx4 in 45acp. Beretta’s failure to provide high capacity magazines for the Cx4 shows its lack of commitment to law enforcement and law abiding citizens who want a long arm for self defense.