Colombian troops find 3,241 rounds of ammunition, nearly one ton of explosives.

Soldiers seized 3,241 rounds of ammunition and nearly one ton…

Soldiers seized 3,241 rounds of ammunition and nearly one ton of explosives belonging to a gang of drug traffickers with roots in the paramilitary movement in the northwestern Colombian city of Medellin, the army’s 4th Brigade said.

The arms were found at a hideout in San Javier, a neighborhood in the dangerous Comuna 13 district of the city, the brigade said.

Two grenades were found along with the ammunition, which was mostly for 7.62 mm weapons.

The ammunition and explosives belonged “to the criminal gangs that feed off drug trafficking in the city of Medellin,” the capital of Antioquia province, the army said, without identifying the gang that owned the materiel.

The ammunition and explosives were intended for the cells of armed drug traffickers that operate in the area, the army said, adding that the materiel may have been intended for “sabotage and terrorist attacks” linked to the March 14 legislative elections.

Source: TMCnet/ Latin American Herald Tribune

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