Colorado couple fight U.S. Postal Service ban on guns.

Image: A federal judge in Denver has allowed a…


A federal judge in Denver has allowed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Postal Service’s ban on guns in post offices to go forward.

Avon residents Debbie and Tab Bonidy filed the lawsuit last year, saying the ban violates their Second Amendment rights.

The Bonidys say they carry handguns for self-defense and both hold concealed-carry permits, and they do not receive mail service at their remote home.

They say the ban, which prohibits carrying guns both in post offices and in their parking lots, makes it impossible for them to pick up their mail.

James Manley, an attorney at the Mountain States Legal Foundation who represents both the Bonidys and the National Association for Gun Rights in the lawsuit, said the case could have a nationwide impact.

Read the rest of John Ingold’s article at The Denver Post.

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  • LtCol.JamesP Mueller

    So,use UPS.The Postal service would just keep track of the guns for the gun grabbers anyway.I cancelled my Guns And Ammo magazine years ago,it’s just advertising to the mailman that you have guns.Gun mags should mail in concealing wrapper,like a dirty mag.