Colorado homeowner: “Don’t move or I will shoot you” — man keeps burglar at gunpoint until deputies arrive.

Johnny Harbour is being recognized for his quick reaction and…

Johnny Harbour is being recognized for his quick reaction and restraint after holding a burglar at gunpoint until Sheriff Deputies arrived.

He only told his story to KKTV 11 News.

Harbour is now back at work after a heart-pumping experience at his home.

“I was asleep and heard a loud noise, it woke me up. Then I continued to hear the noise so I just automatically picked up my gun,” said Harbour.

Source: Kendra Potter for KKTV.

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  • Mike

    Good for you man you have my full support…protecting yourself is the the only solution. Lucky for him the piece of crap burglar is not in a state that has the castle law, I would have decorated my living room with his brains!!!No mercy for the weak!!!

  • reaganmarine84

    Homeowner gets sued for false imprisonment in 3,2,1……. Yes that is sarcasm. The world we live in where criminals have most of the rights is BS.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Good for him. To bad there will be a trial where some bleeding heart will probably win!