Colorado U. to segregate dorms for students with gun permits

The University of Colorado will segregate dorms for students who…

The University of Colorado will segregate dorms for students who have valid permits to carry concealed weapons, The Denver Post reports.

The newspaper says student housing contracts at CU-Boulder and CU-Colorado Springs will be amended to accommodate students over age 21 who have concealed-carry permits.

The policy change follows a Colorado Supreme Court decision in March upholding an appeals-court ruling that struck down CU’s gun ban.

“I believe we have taken reasonable steps to adhere to the ruling of the Colorado Supreme Court, while balancing that with the priority of providing a safe environment for our students, faculty and staff,” says CU-Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano in a statement on the university’s website.

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  • Todd in RPK

    Forget giving the kids laptops, give them safes, ammo, and training. Matt, that was a good post, thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  • Jman

    Better yet,now the bad guys will know were the people with guns live. Now when those ccw holders go to class but can’t carry their weapons those guns must be somewhere? Oh yeah in there dorms!!!! maybe some breakins are in order or maybe attack the places people can not carry… WOW Colorado U you just made it easier for bad people to still keep doing bad things!!!…. Always down play what you are doing, never tell the bad guys the whole plane, always keep them guessing so when shtf someone or everyone who are armed can defend the right to live with freedome..”just saying” Anyone Listening”?

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Good I wouldnt want my kid hanging around those liberals anyway! They will expect you to come save them when something goes down