Colorado’s “Make My Day Law” could keep home defender from serving any time behind bars (video).

The Coroner says another man who died last Friday in…

The Coroner says another man who died last Friday in a separate shooting suffered from a gun shot wound to the head and has ruled it a homicide.

Though, Colorado’s “Make my Day” law could keep the shooter from serving any time behind bars.

The incident happened the day after Thanksgiving on Indiana Street in Orchard Mesa.

According to Mesa County Sheriff Office, two men were in the home when Jesus Ray Sanchez Jr. tried to force his way into their home.

Colorado’s “Make my Day” law gives citizens the right to use deadly force against an intruder without any criminal consequences.

The intruder must be inside the home or dwelling and the DA must have a reasonable belief that the person will commit a crime.

Source: NBC 11 News

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  • Harmony Johnson

    When the “intruder” doesn’t even enter the house, is simply knocking on the front door to retrieve his stolen bank card and is shot on the front lawn I can’t imagine the ‘Make My Day’ law should apply. If so I guess we can just shoot anyone we want and claim we were worried.