Columbus S.W.A.T. Snipers “Saving Lives” Through Precision Shooting- VIDEO

A precise few are trained to never miss. The entire…

A precise few are trained to never miss.

The entire SWAT team routinely takes part in firearms training, but nine members of the team are the armed elite.

Recently, the group traveled to a National Guard range near Sandusky, Ohio, for specialized training.

Snipers document every shot – distance, elevation, wind. They control their breathing and most of all, their minds.

“That’s usually what makes a good sniper,” said Kevin Wheeler, SWAT sniper. “They can think on their own. They think quick on their feet.”

In 1993, a Columbus SWAT sniper took the shot that became a worldwide phenomenon.

A suicidal man repeatedly put a gun to his head and threatened to take his own life.

A sniper then shot the weapon clean out of his hand. The gun is shattered into three pieces, and the man’s life was saved.

Snipers say that kind of precision doesn’t happen by accident.


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