COMMENTARY: Four Reasons Why Gun Sales Are Up

The fear on the street is palpable. Ever since the…

The fear on the street is palpable. Ever since the election of Barack Obama as President of these United States in November 2008, coupled with the election of a democrat party majority in both the U.S. House and Senate, concern for the United States and personal safety has ignited like a fire in dry grass. Sales of guns – black guns, rifles, shotguns and handguns (particularly 9mm) everywhere, have gone through the roof. AR15s have literally flown off of dealer shelves, and only now in the spring of 2009, have I seen the display samples of ARs begin to reappear on the wall of my favorite shooting emporium after the initial post election rush.

Manufacturers of ARs are still working to catch up and some of the major suppliers are as much as 150,000 guns behind. Not only that, ammo is in the shortest supply I have ever seen in the 43 years of my shooting life. Have you recently tried to get 5.56mm, 9mm or even .380 ammo?  Supplies of 5.56mm and 9mm ammo are in short supply due to the black gun buying craze; .380ACP because of the rise in people getting concealed carry permits and the resurgence of interest in convenient.380 handguns like the fine Ruger LCP. In fact, in doing a review of the Ruger LCP, my gun store only had a small supply of ONE .380 round on hand, the Winchesters 95-grain SXT, which they had just gotten in.

Unfortunately, I had to do a 30-round review of that pistol. There was none other to be found. The 5.56mm was the first caliber to noticeably be in short supply. This was first due to the war effort, the headlong adoption of 5.56mm rifles by law enforcement agencies ever since the great LAPD bank robbery and shootout, the general shooting public interest in and acceptance of the AR15 weapons system along with a realization that yes, the AR does have sporting purpose, and of course now, this new fear that is on the street. Sales of ARs also went up following 9/11.

What is odd about this new fear is that it is not coming from the average citizen gun owner out there, but it is coming from what to me is an almost shocking source: street cops. Street cops and SWAT cops that I know from various agencies – rural, suburban and metro – in my area are scared. Cops that before November 2008 never gave much thought (that I knew of anyway) to politics or more importantly to gun rights. For the most part, these are the guys that didn’t generally have any interest in shooting or gun ownership beyond keeping track of where their duty gun is, and a few of them didn’t even do that so well.

The guys I am talking about are some of the same guys who used to not even carry off duty on a regular basis- but not anymore. They don’t scare easily, defenders of the Constitution of this State and the United States (as our oath of office reads), have been buying ARs, survival gear, and all the ammo they can lay their hands on. All of them (or I should say “us”) have been discussing and have been acquiring guns to provide a layered perimeter defense.

We want something in  .308 (or in my case a superb M1 Garand in .30-06) for covering the outer perimeters, 5.56mm weapons for mid-range use (for some with more limited funds, the AK-47 and 7.62×39 cartridge will suffice), and for the close up stuff shotguns and handguns (love my Benelli M4 Tactical and Beretta 92 9mm).

What are we suddenly so afraid of? Well in our discussions it seems to boil down to four areas. First, fear of federal government intrusion into our lives. Every time I look at or listen to the news, there is something new and intrusive coming out of the Obama administration and this Congress. New tax schemes, government-run Canadian-style healthcare, a volunteer citizen defense force (whatever that is, what happened to the National Guard?) equipped with funding similar to our military, forced voluntary “service” after retirement, a lack of a southern border with hordes of illegal and criminal aliens pouring over our border, the swine flu scare as well as government forced closing of thousands of privately held Chrysler and GM dealerships, which will be the final nail in the coffin for these companies and the list goes on and on.

But these items in the news are just the tip of the iceberg. We can’t see the full impact of these actions yet, but we don’t know what was added into the thousand of pages of stimulus package bills in the dead of night yet. I predict however that when the plans contained in the stimulus packages go into effect, a lot of us are going to be surprised if not shocked by what has suddenly and sweepingly changed.

What also scares us is the second, well-founded fear that there is an assault weapons ban looming, one that would make the Clinton Ban appear like a look of disdain in comparison. I remember well the 1990s and the Clinton years: the rise of militia groups, the “black helicopter” rumors and paranoia, all of which was motivated by the Brady Law and the Assault Weapon’s ban. What if a new ban comes requiring registration or confiscation and turn-in of banned weapons as what happened in Australia?

I watched cops and citizens alike purchase these guns at $900 dollars and more, with custom or tricked out guns easily running into the $2,000 range. Then add on all the accessories, red dots, lights, slings and anything else you can name and you may have up to $3,000 wrapped up in your rig. I saw the looks in their eyes. These purchasers weren’t spending this kind of money just to turn in the guns for no compensation when a government tells them to. I foresee much civil disobedience coming down the road.

Americans are citizens, and not subjects like the British, Canadians or Australians. They just don’t always obey the law blindly and not one officer or citizen that I spoke to said anything like “I hope I get to keep this gun for awhile before they are banned; They are fun to shoot, so I would hate to give it up.” It isn’t going to happen, so the cop on the street and the soldier on the base needs to think now what he will do if the orders come down. I think you all get what I am saying here.

Which leads me to the third fear, that there is a revolution coming, yes, a revolution on the scale of the original American Revolution. You can hear this topic discussed on many of the talk radio shows by even the big name hosts. The possibility of an armed revolution against the U.S. government is being discussed, albeit very gingerly and fleetingly and as something to be avoided, which it is. I never heard this mentioned in the 90s.

One of my quietest, low profile officer friends brought it up the other day. He said that at some point in the near future, he felt there is going to be an armed revolt if things keep going the way they are. Something has got to give. I was shocked. Yes, I had heard this from some of my more radical cop friends in the past, but to hear it from a guy like this was unprecedented for me. Now, these guys are not saying this will happen to foment revolution, preach sedition or to even participate. They just want to be ready if it happens, to at least defend their families, because number four on the fear list is general societal chaos.

Cops fear for their parents, wives, children or grandchildren more now than ever before. Most cops are encouraging their spouses and loved ones to get concealed carry permits. Not only that, but some of these same cops are buying gun mounts for their personal cars so they can carry an AR in the family ride at the ready all the time. They are also strapping on heavier forms of off-duty hardware. I have other friends that are issued ARs or subguns for tactical team use, who always have their gear with them and are planning on just commandeering these weapons for personal use in defending hearth and home.

Final Notes
This is pretty heady and maybe even dangerous stuff. Know fully that I am not advocating anything here. I am reflecting to you what I see and hear going on around me, and maybe saying things that haven’t been said in the open, until now. It is something to think about.

Scott Wagner is a 30-year law enforcement veteran and trainer. 

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  • Chris Duke

    Ordinary citizens opinion.
    I will start off by saying thank you to all those who have provided constructive replies to this topic that is on so many peoples minds as of late. I have on other boards stated much of the same as it applies to the police force in regards to the number of officers who would defend their oath to defend the supreme law of the land. There are those who would look at any authority figure in a SHTF scenario and take a shoot first ask questions later attitude though I’m afraid. As such I believe it is important for the departments to be able to reassure the people if such orders are given that they will not be obeyed, and that they are secure in their homes from confiscation of their belongings. Even if it’s with squad cars driving around the neighborhoods with blow horns reading a pre prepared message. To do this, it would be necessary to detain any officers willing to go along with such orders before they have a chance to implement any provisions contained there in. I believe that any revolution will either start or be stopped on a local level in the precincts. If orders are carried out as they were during Katrina I believe Main Street USA will become a free fire zone with no ability to pick out friend or foe. Honestly, before reading the comments on here I was wondering myself about how officers were thinking about the real threat to out freedoms that is lingering over all our heads. The one thing I do know and have always known is that anyone wearing the uniform of our country’s special services, Ranger, Recon, Seal, etc will be on the side of the people. I live in LA and plan on bugging out with my family just before anything goes down If I can. I’m looking to the coming election to either put to rest or reinforce our fears of total subjugation at the hands of our out of control government. Well, that’s my .02 cents. Please help us vote for the one guy that wants to get rid of FEMA and the other totalitarianism administrations set up threw the so called patriot act. I won’t say who that is because I did not come on here to do a plug for a candidate, but if you have been paying any attention at all you already know who I’m speaking of. And THANK YOU to all those who serve!

  • Fearful

    The writing is on the wall. It is coming.

  • Christopher Lambert

    As an veteran of the Clinton years… we saw this coming back then. The enemy of freedom… big government getting more intrusive and restrictive every year… Lead by people who really don’t kn ow how the real world is outside of their “powers-that-be committees/groups/CFR or whatever. Now we are lead by a Junior senator that quite a few people don’t feel has a clue about the world outside…

  • Daniel Quigg

    Iam a gun owner and shooter as a hobby. I shoot guns for fun and competition, and me and my buddies own several guns of every type. We are not gun nuts this is a hobby and gets us out of the house for a day of fun and fresh air. Yes the government is intruding on our lives with taxes and laws more and more. And we do not like it at all. But if something will happen we are prepared for it. ITS not against Obama,the blacks or latinos. There is good and bad in every race. Its about us being able to earn a decent living. Thats what everbody wants. If the government makes that impossible who knows what will happen. If a revolt happens I will do what I need to and protect my family no matter what. But will we be better off in the chaos thats sure to happen afterwards? Are you ready for that life? I Hope you are. I will be ready but sure wont like it.

  • Mr. Wagner, I can confirm your officer friend’s story. I was driving a group of storm chasers down to the cities (where I live) one of them is a now retired Sheriff Deputy with many years on the force. He said to me that I needed to prepare my family for an impending/possible revolt because as he saw it “something is coming”. In the several years I’ve known him, I had never heard him utter anything like this at all. Oh yeah, it spooked me.

    I am a practitioner of martial arts and fully believe in that “zone” defense idea of long range/mid/close with firearms, but you also have to have hand to hand.

    So get that training in as well!

    Good luck!

  • Like most folks on here, I prefice what I am about to say by stating I am not a nut or war monger psycho killer living in the wood with tin foil covering everything. I am a blues musician and ex military, working in the gun industry. I have seen it on the front lines, as I work 7days a week in this industry. I sold an AR to a guy who brought his 4 daughters in with him. He didnt come to the range often, so I asked him, why the purchase. “Because if not now, then I probably will never be able to.” I had to show him averything about the gun, and he had never fired one before. If folks like him are seeing the light, I dont even have to tell you how the cops/military/avid shooters I know feel. This goes across party lines, and also gender lines. My specialty is training women. I would say over half of purchases are single or married women who fear being alone at night. I went through the Katrina experience in New Orleans, and if not for my gun I would be dead today. I truly hope all Americans wake up and see things for what they really are. EVEN IF EVERY COP AND ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY PERSON WERE CALLED TO OUR STREETS, IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY (ALONG THE LINES OF kATRINA) NO ONE WILL BE HELPING YOU, YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Protect your rights, before it is too late. Get active for 2010.

  • When our founding fathers declared our independence from England, it was England that began the war. Many do not realize this fact. Think about it. The war was fought on our soil. English soldiers came over here. We revolted, they, then attacked us. And that is what most likely will happen here, some day, if we cannot turn our government around without a revolt. –To read my entire article, go here:

  • When our founding fathers declared our independence from England, it was England that began the war. Many do not realize this fact. Think about it. The war was fought on our soil. English soldiers came over here. We revolted, they, then attacked us. And that is what most likely will happen here, some day, if we cannot turn our government around without a revolt. –To read my entire article, go here:

  • Robert

    ” I have other friends that are issued ARs or subguns for tactical team use, who always have their gear with them and are planning on just commandeering these weapons for personal use in defending hearth and home.”

    Gosh I sure hope those LEO’s fill out all the ATF paperwork, get the Chief to sign off on the forms, wait a year for their fingerprints to be processed, and pay the $500.00 tax on them just like the rest of us serfs have to.

    Oh, I forgot. They’re cops, so the laws they happily use to slam ‘citizens’ into prison don’t apply to them.

  • way

    Did the Founders go to the Brits and fill out the proper paperwork before they started killing British soldiers?

    Better think about what your rights really are and where they really come from.

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  • John D

    I’ve owned a shotgun for years and used it (sometimes successfully) for hunting only. When the jerk Gore ran for the presidency I feared for the trampling of my 2A rights and picked up a pistol permit but never completed the process because, despite the best efforts of ACORN and thousands of lawyers, Gore lost. When the twit who now befouls the white house was elected my first stop was at the police department to pick up the necessary application. I’ve got an NRA pistol course later this month and am shopping for something appropriate (9mm?) for defending my family and/or the constitution. From the tone of this article though, it looks like whatever I get may be limited by the availability of ammunition. Guess the next step is to get some reloading equipment.

  • Come_And_Take_It

    3 AR-15’s,1 L1A1,1 Garand, 1 M-1 Carbine 1-USGI m1911,1 Taurus PT-92,2 Smith and Wesson Model 10 38’s and 1 40 Cal Smith and Wesson Sigma,and enough ammo to supply a National Guard Armory. I don’t trust this Kenyan scumbag further then I can throw him,and if he has any sense he’ll leave me the hell alone.

  • Just try to remember this one small point. Most did not buy firearms to simply own them for a while then turn them over to the government for no recompense. Most people bought them in case the government decides to flush the 2A. It’s purpose was in case the government became as the British King was.
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots…”

  • George The Cat

    State and local LEO’s have just cause for worry. A bill – H.R.675 (To amend title 10, United States Code, to provide police officers, criminal investigators, and game law enforcement officers of the Department of Defense with authority to execute warrants) has been introduced into the House that would create a new federal police that would be under control of the Department of Defense. Have a look.-

    This is clearly meant to circumvent the posse comitatus act.

  • George The Cat

    State and local LEO’s have just cause fro worry. A bill – H.R.675 (To amend title 10, United States Code, to provide police officers, criminal investigators, and game law enforcement officers of the Department of Defense with authority to execute warrants) has been introduced into the House that would create a new federal police that would be under control of the Department of Defense. Have a look.-

    This is clearly meant to circumvent the posse comitatus act.

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  • Randall Scott Covey

    It has gotten to the point where men and women no longer have any faith in our “government”… for cause, actually. It hasn’t been “Our” government for some decades now. I personally believe since March 27, 1861, but that is just a little fetish of mine.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, if the balloon does go up, let the slave owners and wannabe tyrants fire the first shot. The mask is slipping, the enemies of the Constitution and Liberty are being exposed more so everyday. They will not long be able to cover their guns with platitudes and propaganda of “Peace, Love, Hope and Change”.
    Fear will not long drive nor divide our People, and the Supreme Measure as advocated by the Marxists will be superseded by the Supreme Law of the Land;
    Our Constitution.

    A prayer to a God whom I do not know;
    Please, Sir. Grant us peace, and if that is not of your will or liking, grant us the strength to endure the grinding hardships of war, till such a time as peace is once again held as a virtue amongst men.

    So be it.

    Randall Scott Covey

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  • Doug Stewart

    I’m a mature male, and never personally-owned a serious defensive weapon until 18 months ago. Feeling the Spirit’s leading “to sell my cloak and buy a sword”, I have developed a more-than-adequate personal armory of rifles and handguns. Now, I’m praying that the Spirit will raise up experienced and committed leaders for those of us who will defend our Constitution.

    I believe it is time to establish legal, Constitutional and legitimate militia state by state and have joined Committees of Safety to work toward this end. Also, so many experienced and dedicated men and women have committed themselves to Oath Keepers. Having common cause, and working toward a common goal, is critically important. However, there must be a chain of command with highly competent and dependable leadership in order to consolidate proper focus and any planning of the group.

    The Founders of Oath Keepers and Committees of Safety are both Constitutional attorneys, with extensive firearms and military experience. Perhaps some current or former military chaplains, or Godly members of state or federal government would be welcome additions.

    I believe that planning needs to be conducted for current, intermediate and long-term events, as well as for local, regional and national coordination. We’re looking for YOUR leaders to rise to the top, like cream on fresh milk, Lord!

  • Mr. Wagner I deeply wish I could use this space to tell you how wrong you are, but a reasonable amount of intellect and logic forbid it. Almost from the moment Obama was elected you could feel the tension and fear spread across the country. I don’t believe our country has ever faced a greater threat to our freedoms and way of life than Mr. Obama presents.
    I have owned a few handguns in my life but not for many years. Currently I own two 9mm’s and will soon add a .40 S&W to the list. My wife has also purchased a 9mm for protection.

  • Robert

    America has a much bigger battle. The fight for men’s souls.

    Who are you loyal to?

    Hard choices will have to be made. Food and water will become scarce, as well as everything else. Things won’t go as planned, just as they never do. Sacrifices will have to be made.

    Will it be you giving your last loaf of bread to a starving family, or taking from another to keep your family alive a little longer?

    Men use to hold the door open for a lady.

    Men use to put their coat over a water puddle, so a lady could walk without getting wet.

    Women use to submit to their husbands, out of respect, because it was/is biblical.

    Women use to cover themselves fully before going out in public.

    Now it’s every man and women for themselves?

    Selfishness has not peeked yet; when the economy collapses, you haven’t seen nothin yet.

    Again I ask, who are you loyal to?

    The devil, or God Almighty?

    I pray for you officers and soldiers, to make the right decision.

    Who do you choose as your master this day?

    May the Lord Jesus open your eyes, so you may see.


  • c coassin

    The only thing you drive at is fear mongering. There is nothing informative here.

    And why do you call yourself the silent majority? Hardly silent and significantly more like the minority.

  • Jack

    “Americans are citizens, and not subjects like the British, Canadians or Australians. They just don’t always obey the law blindly.”

    And the British, Canadians and Australians do? Go educate yourself before being an ignorant idiot. Last time I checked, they aren’t sheep like you make out. If your opinion of the above is wrong, then I further point that your opinion on gun rise holds no merit.

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  • Terry D”Ostroph

    The gov has done their brainscrubbing well indeed! I’m having a hard time with what this persons comment on the above article says. So, we that have been watching and telling people for decades what the gov has been doing are not “thinkers” but, crazy conspiracy theorists. Their not assualting the CONstitution, the gov at ALL levels is assualting us.

    WarriorPrincess Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 5:49 pm
    “This is not paranoia, racism, hysteria or conspiracy theory (go have a chat with chadgresham for a dose of that). It’s thinking people who see the govt. assaulting the Constitution”

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  • Xiroh

    There is a reason that police are worried. They have been given free reign over our liberties long enough. They no longer are the arbiters of justice, but are something to be dreaded. Most people I know have NEVER had a positive encounter with an officer. Many americans see an officer and immediately wonder if they are going to be pulled over for something.

    Officers aren’t something to be pitied, they are people to be held accountable for their actions. If the police REALLY feel that some of the laws are wrong, why do they continue to enforce them? I can tell you why, it’s because their job is more important than citizens liberties.

  • WarriorPrincess

    I would invite Winchester and States Rights to come down from their self-appointed positions of superiority (you want some facts as basis for concern? Try Obama’s own autobiography for starters). Anyone who’s done good intel/analysis knows that facts are vital but so is a good grasp of what the man/woman on the street is thinking and saying. I mix in wide circles & whether military, 75-yr-old grandmas, townspeople, police, or biz owners, I see deep anger at what’s being done by the Administration & Congress, combined with fear of just how far the federal govt. will overstep that I never imagined possible. This is not paranoia, racism, hysteria or conspiracy theory (go have a chat with chadgresham for a dose of that). It’s thinking people who see the govt. assaulting the Constitution and, in many cases, doing what they can personally to protect themselves in advance. On our property we have what we need to hunt/raise our food, haul water and live without outside power if need be (life after a hurricane can make you quite resilient).
    Scoff if you like, but I will never forget the sight of Elian Gonzalez torn screaming from his family’s arms or the burning compound at Waco.

  • CorbinKale

    If our Police and Military view their Oaths to the Constitution as just words they had to repeat to get the job, we are doomed. If, however, they honor their Oaths, more than their paychecks, we have a chance to preserve our liberty and restore the Constitution and Republic outlined therein.

    Only if those sworn to defend the Constitution fail to keep their promise, will we have chaos and revolution. If you receive orders to confiscate arms from the People, in violation of the Constitution, arrest the criminal who would give such an unconstitutional and unlawful order!

    If you receive orders to imprison those who speak out against tyrannical government, educate your incompetent commanders on the Bill of Rights!

    You have read the Constitution, right? How can you support and defend a thing, if you don’t know what that thing is? Get it, read it, discuss it, understand it! ALL our lives and liberty depend on it.

  • # chadgresham Says: White males armed with ARs AK47 and glocks are going to take out their hate for Obama on every black and latio they can get their hands on.

    You Sir are a racist. Do you believe that only Blacks and Hispanics voted for Obama? If that was true John McCain would be president. Idiot.

    Did you even read the article before you started to troll?

    To bad, because it was a great article about opening your eyes and thinking things through, not a call to civil war, you twit.

    Free your mind and your ass will follow…

  • Victor Bruun

    When President Clinton announced to a roaring audience that americans of european descent were soon to be a minority, some knew what that really meant: problems with the balance of payments.

    Today we see this issue. More money “needed” for various entitlement programs, welfare and social housing, than can be squeezed in the form of taxes. Bureocrats and their models wont accomodate to reality, they never will. Instead reality shall have to accomodate the lofty promises and plans. Yet, those taxes cannot be collected, since that wealth plain does not exist.

    Yet they will try. And that means robbery. Alongside this there will be an increasing.. breakdown in society.. where law and order simply cease to be as the hordes are busy complaining that their welfare standards of living are shrinking. That means even more robbery, but also destruction (which ironically enough will further decrease the ability for society to pay their way).

    In the middle, the little guys, and neither govmint or the entitled coloreds will care if they die. You might however care about your life… and thus the guns.

  • Winchester

    I can feel the palpable fear of everybody here. Yes, the mutterings you have heard are correct: the people who are scared, are scared. There’s not much more to it. You could hear the fear after 9/11 also. For what it’s worth, if you’re not scared, you’re not scared.

    To the group who feels that a center-left, black president is the END of America — please just consider everybody else now and then. I hope you guys are able to calmly function for the next 4 or 8 years, without going nuts and shooting up a church, or taking out a “liberal” college professor or something. Please just keep calm, and don’t hurt my children or anybody else’s. If you stay focused and brave, you will make it through this administration. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  • Frankly, I don’t believe “States Rights” is as uninformed as he would like us to think. But I welcome his challenge.
    Only one fact is required by him and only one is necessary to scare most normal people.
    Twice I heard Mr. Obama state he was going to raise an army of volunteer citizens and that they would be better trained than our active military.
    I know, you’ll change the subject if you reply States Rights. It won’t matter, everyone else who reads this know the significance and they don’t need your endorsement.

  • States Rights

    What a bunch of crock. People are believing the radical media and working themselves into a frenzy. Revolution? Why? Has anything happened yet that the media and radical radio talk show hosts predicted would happen after the election? No! Not one thing! We need to quit living on what “might happen”, or “what I, crazy radio host, think will happen”.
    There is scientific evidence that sooner or later an asteroid will hit the Earth and do major damage, but is everyone building asteroid proof shelters? Come on people! Have a brain and think for yourself.
    I challenge anyone to come up with cold, hard facts that support any of these unfounded fears. And I don’t want to hear “well, so and so says” or ” this paper believes this”. I WANT FACTS, NOT OPINIONS.

    Have a brain and stop being puppets of the radical media hype.

  • Storm Rutcho

    Hi, I’m 51 and retired Air Force. Carried a M9 as a aircrew member and never had a desire to own a gun until now. I do not like the thought of being told I can’t buy a gun. Which I do believe is coming. Therefore, I find myself playing catch up. I’ve been to many gun sites and find the same thing, “Out of Stock”. Most are not even taking backorder orders Is it going to get worse because this is just a rush to arm? What’s the deal?

  • I love to shoot!! so when i read storys or hear things in gun shops about weapons ban, it makes me sad. I am 21 years old and taught myself how to shoot. soon i will join the armed services and begin a new chapter in my life. I would hate to see my right to bear arms taken away.

  • Joe Rodriguez,

    As a teenager I left Cuba and came to this country 50 years ago.I have been a proud US citizen for 45 years. I remember just before coming here how the Marxist Castro goverment one fine day sent his “militia brown shirts” goons to “confiscate” all the gun shops in Cuba not even a year after he took power. I never thought that it would happen here, but you know what,I feel it coming.Just listen to the rethoric of the administration. We need to contact our representatives and senators,or we might realize too late that confiscation “can take place here in the “Good old USA”.

  • The Punisher

    I’d just like to add a Canadian perspective into this conversation. Like many individuals that read this publication (and others of the same genre), I too am in law enforcement. I’ve been a correctional officer for the past 3 years and there are tremendous differences that exist between us and our American counterparts regarding firearms possession and ownership. Yes, it is very true that we Canadians have much more strigent firearms legislation and regulations than American citizens. But don’t be fooled, there is a very high number of hunters, sport shooters, and individuals concerned about home defence and personal protection. I’ve had my life and the lives of my family threatened several times by individuals that would certainly make good on those threats if given the opportunity. Although restricted by legislation, we Canadians, myself included, DO own firearms. I’m the proud owner of a Glock 22 chambered in .40S&W, a Mossberg 590, and a Remington 700 SPS Tactical in .308 Winchester. Please do not mistake Canadian hospitality for lack of concern regarding personal defence. My Mossy’s never more than a stone’s throw away with a readily available supply of 000 Buck. And if you think it’s difficult to purchase an AR variant or ammunition within your borders, you have no idea how restrictive YOUR export laws are that prevent the best aftermarket equipment and ammunition from never reaching MY borders. And as for healthcare, at least we Canadians don’t have to pay ridiculously high costs just to seek medical attention. Finally, only time and personal ideology will dictate whether Obama will be seen in a positive or negative light when his term(s) in office is (or are) over.

  • Pat Breedlove

    Congratulations Jasper! This is not the Netherlands.

    There are sentiments and philosophy of the American people that outsiders simply cannot understand. And I’m sure the reverse is true.

    This country was born on one founding principle that is being clouded, and that is simply, the people are in charge of the government, not the other way around. I’m reminded of some wise words from Thomas Jefferson, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    There are those that are a little fanatical and are running amok in a paranoid state of chaos. Then there are those of us, your typical law-abiding gun owners, that follow another American philosophy: Always be Prepared. We hope and pray that our beloved Country doesn’t spiral that far down, but should the worst happen, we will be prepared to see our families and ourselves through to the other side.

  • chadgresham

    The object of my note is to say that blacks and latios have to mindful that if things get worse some people are going to take things to far. So protect yourselfs

  • chadgresham

    Now this is what scares me. I can imagine if this economy gets any worse what will happen to blacks an latinos all across america. White males armed with ARs AK47 and glocks are going to take out their hate for Obama on every black and latio they can get their hands on. They well not think about the people who looked just like them who got us into this mess. They will do what they have done through out history use this time to kill as many black and latinos as they can. So if they are buying high powered guns to go on killing sprees I think blacks and latino should do the same to protect themselves.

  • Jasper Vrijburg

    Hi, im from the netherlands.
    We dont have much guns here, only the police and people with a license that go to a shooting range for more then one year.
    I hear lots of people from the states saying:”When the shit hits the fan” i need to buy weapons etc.
    But i think youre all shitting in the fan yourselves by buying guns at this rate.
    Thank you

  • John Webster

    Instead of me trying to guess why others are buying guns. Let me tell you why I am buying so many guns.
    I am a Hunter, and Sport Shooter from West Virginia.
    Of course I have my hunting equipment (Rabbit, Squirrel) .22 lr, (Turkey) 12 Guage Shotgun, (Deer, Bear) 30-06 and Muzzleloader .50 for Muzzleloading season and Bow for Archery Season.
    But I was military. Always loved M-16 and military history. A ban will take these weapons off the shelf. So I decided to bring the weapons into my fold. So I purchased (2) AR-15’s. 1 stock with carrying handle and one I modified Holgraphic sight, Laser and Flashligh(Hi-Beam. Also Mosin-Nagant, Ak-47 (Semi) SKS (2) Romanian and Yugo. Trying to get Russian and Chinese. Because I love Miltary Weapons. Historical Buff. Will get M1 Garand. But for Handguns I Always had a .45 and a 9mm.
    For Self-defense Pocket concel I went with Berreta Tomcat 32 with laser and A Glock 19 With laser with 33 rd magazine. Hunting pistol I have a 10mm Glock. Am I paranoid, no way. Just getting what I like and need. Like going to the grocery store before a snow storm. If no ban, so be it. If a ban, I satisfied my thirst. Its either get now or maybe not getting at all.

  • First, lets clear the air. I am not a paranoid idiot. I am 60 years old with a MA plus degree. I have taught in junior high, college, been a deputy sheriff and for the past 31 years been a law enforcement officer with a major state police force. After 25 years I retired with the rank of 1Lt. After 5 months of going stir crazy, I was rehired as an investigator which I am presently employed as. Your article hits home like a 5X shot with a pistol from 50 yards. I hear the exact same comments you eluded to in your article. At times, it is rather unsettling. The silent majorities in this country are about to reach the boiling point. What’s going to happen when they do? Your guess is as good as mine. That is also unsettling. Just to validate your article, I own 12 handguns, all with high capacity magazines, a Sig 556 with several 30 rd. magazines, a Springfield M-14 with high capacity magazines and thousands of rounds of ammunition for these weapons. When it does happen, I intend to be prepared. Thank You.