Community upset at tattered, tangled U.S. flag — ‘a travesty’ (video)

“It’s gray, it’s ragged, it’s tattered,” said Darryl Starr, an…

“It’s gray, it’s ragged, it’s tattered,” said Darryl Starr, an artist who lives right around the corner. “And it’s not only wrapped around the flagpole itself, it’s wrapped around a waste pipe.”

It angers Starr not just as a citizen, but as combat veteran who fought for this country in Vietnam.

“I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1968, went across,” he said. “Artillery.” The sight of that torn and tangled flag – flying over a federal building no less, would sicken any veteran, he said.

“I immediately went into the post office, waited in line and spoke with the clerks and said, ‘Have you all seen the flag outside?’ And they said no. It’s really a travesty and it shouldn’t be like that.”

Source: CBS 6 WTVR

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    So walk up and change it out. If it bothers you that much then take action because it means nothing to them. Thats the way of the world today. You dont get to quit being a sheepdog just because you retire, we must still do what is needed because we are the ones who always have.