Recently, Harris Publications had the opportunity to visit and experience…

Recently, Harris Publications had the opportunity to visit and experience the first Concealed Carry Expo hosted by Gander Mountain and the Gander Mountain Academy. The Expo was an opportunity for self-defense-minded Americans to meet with various vendors and manufacturers like Remington, Beretta, Glock, Uncle Mike’s, Heckler & Koch, BlackHawk, Winchester, CZ-USA, Browning, Mossberg, Rossi, Benelli and Sig Sauer. Some very special guests were also available for customers to talk to, like noted shooter and instructor Rob Pincus, firearms training author Michael Martin and Armed American Radio host Mark Walters.


Shoot It Today

Visitors were able, and in fact encouraged, to try out a variety of pistols at the indoor range just steps away from the show tables. There was no “buy now, shoot later” guesswork, but as I heard several times from the vendors during the expo, “You can shoot it today if you want to.” Then the customer was handed a pistol, some ammo, eye and ear protection, and plenty of time on the live range. Several couples were present for the expressed purpose of finding a comfortable pistol that could be easily carried while still being accurate and comfortable to shoot.


One such couple, Lisa and Scott, tried out a Sig Sauer P238 on the range after Lisa decided she didn’t like the trigger pull on her current pistol. Lisa said, “I just found that I like the Sig Sauer P238! It is very easy to use, as I am petite, and with some semi-automatics, it’s very hard for me to manipulate the slide, or the trigger pull is too long. I wouldn’t have known that the Sig was perfect for me if I couldn’t have tried it out here!”


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