Concealed-carry gun law goes into effect today in Wyoming

A law that allows Wyomingites to carry concealed weapons without…

A law that allows Wyomingites to carry concealed weapons without permits goes into effect today.
The new law, strongly supported by gun rights advocates, received the overwhelming endorsement of the Legislature last winter.

Wyoming joins Alaska, Arizona and Vermont in allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns without undergoing background checks or firearms training.

During the second of two seminars on the new law sponsored by the Cheyenne Police Department on Wednesday, the instructor, officer Jay Remers, told the group that it still is beneficial to get a concealed-weapons permit.

The firearms training is valuable for gun owners who may be familiar with hunting rifles but not with using handguns, particularly if faced with someone armed with a knife, he said.
Also, Wyoming concealed-weapon permits are honored in about 34 states. And carrying without a permit is illegal in every other state except Alaska, Arizona and Vermont.

Remers stressed that people who carry concealed handguns without permits still must obey all federal and state gun laws, which prohibit weapons in schools, public buildings, courthouses, churches and bars, along with anywhere notices prohibiting firearms are posted.

Source: Joan Barron for Billings Gazette.

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  • Campbell

    I am an NJ resident, there is an application available to request a ccwp. Likelyhood of approval from state/county & city is slim to none. Even though I am a law abiding citizen, have a firearms ID(required fingerprints/background invest/references) and have had to apply for each handgun permit to purchase, I still cannot legally carry said firearms. These are not steps that criminals take to procure a weapon. The state should be a shall issue state with the current system it has in use.

  • I have a concealed permit in Fl. I think it is just a revevue for the state. I was shooting at a range that I always went to. The range master had watched me over a period of months. He asked if I had a ccw license I told him no I did not. He handed me a package and said go get them. That was it. Finger prints, picture and back ground and I was good to go. The criminals don’t go to get permits. I have to renew, they don’t.