Concealed gun carry Reciprocity Act cut from House gun bill.

A Republican-led effort to allow Illinois residents to carry concealed…

A Republican-led effort to allow Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons by obtaining a permit in another state — loosening D.C. gun laws in the process — did not pass a final hurdle on Monday night before major gun legislation reaches the House floor.

Rep. Timothy Johnson and four fellow Illinois members of Congress offered an amendment to the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act that would allow a resident of a state or jurisdiction that does not allow concealed-carry permits to obtain the permit in another state and then use it in their home state. The amendment also would allow people with a concealed-carry permit in another state to bring that privilege with them into Illinois or the District.

Mr. Johnson’s spokesman, Phil Bloomer, said the measure would have a tangible impact on the District — even though it is aimed at concerns in the Land of Lincoln — because the nation’s capital and Illinois are the only jurisdictions in the United States that do not allow concealed carry in some form. The broadly written amendment applied to any “state or jurisdiction.”

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