Congressman Calls for U.S. training of Mexican LEOs.

A South Texas Congressman wants to bring Mexican law enforcement…

A South Texas Congressman wants to bring Mexican law enforcement to the United States for training.

Tuesday’s main focus was cooperation between the United States and Mexico. Folks we spoke to tell us working together is the only way our borders will be secure.

Leaders from both the United States and Mexico came together to voice their ideas and opinions on how to better secure our border. U.S. Congressmen Henry Cuellar says help from the U.S. side could better prepare our Mexican counterparts in the fight.

“That will call on training of local and state officials that can be done not only from this side but also have Mexican officials, law enforcement officials if they want to come to the U.S,” says Cuellar.

Source: Bill Barajas for KRGV

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  • ben

    haha if i had a dime for every time I heard that Decriminalization or legalization of marijuana would magically make ~200,000 killers disapear.It would hurt them but not “end” anything.
    on the other hand, the mexican govt. doesnt pay anybody well, that just leads to curroption.

  • General Jim M

    It seems that whenever we train someone they end up killing American soldiers or cops.Remember the Zetas,the Mujahadeen or the original MS13? Let the congressman go train them himself. America is broke,we don’t need him looking for more ways to waste US taxpayer money.

  • Jay

    So after #1, #2 & #3…..we then spend money on building a freakin’ economy and actually make products here [made in U.S.A]. How bout’ that!

  • Jay

    How about we just “legalize” marijuana once and for all: 1) END the strife with the cartels, 2) PAY OFF the national debt with the taxes raised from marijuana, 3) see what its like to NOT live in a country that perpetually borrows from others, then patrols the world only to bombard, destroy then rebuild said others. How about that huh?!

  • tom

    We would probably have the same result as in Afghanistan, the students shooting the instructors.

  • NEIL

    I thought the US has already trained the Mexicans and sold them guns? How well has that worked out? So far a lot of the US trained Mexican Military has joined up with the cartels.

    How about we just send in the US Marines and end this once and for all?