Controversial Police Shooting of Dog in CA Sparks Nationwide Outrage—VIDEO

The video is out there, and armchair analysts across the…

The video is out there, and armchair analysts across the country are weighing in.

A video showing a Hawthorne police officer fatally shooting a dog is drawing outrage on the Internet, and its owner claims he was targeted because of pending claims against the department.

The shooting Sunday occurred after a standoff between police and armed robbery suspects near the intersection of 137th Street and Jefferson Avenue.

Officers handcuffed bystander Leon Rosby, 52, after he walked close to the scene with an 80-pound Rottweiler on a “long leash-line,” creating “an increasingly dangerous situation,” the Hawthorne Police Department said in statement.


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  • AJ

    shoot the fucking thing……”ITS A DOG!!”

  • Steve

    The man was wrong for getting involved with police… Being wrong is still legal, so dont forget that.

    Why didnt the cop use less than lethal like a taser or pepperspray or even his batton?
    Watching the video, clearly the dog wasnt growling or being aggressive. He git too close and the cop got scared and opened fire.

    My dog is my daughter, I would absolutely die for her any day of the week. If it was your dog you would be singing a different tune.

  • Glock40D313

    Police officers should do anything they need too, in order to protect themselves. Everyday they leave home not knowing if they’ll return home. And on top of that are under appreciated with a lot of the U.S. population. I lost a family member in 1989 who was killed on the job. But I don’t believe the police officer was right shooting the dog.

  • Tailchaser001

    One would question why the man was detained in the first place. If the detainment was not justified then the shooting of the dog would be un-justified as well.

    • Sam

      If you watch the full video, the man stopped his car which was playing loud music and began verbally harassing the officers from about 10 feet. They were dealing with armed robbers who were holed up in a house 30 feet from them. He wanted to know why there were not black cops there. Interfering with an officer while they are dealing with armed suspects is 1. stupid 2. illegal

    • Steve

      100% agreed.

  • Tink255a

    While the dog was protecting it’s owner, the police have a duty and right to protect themselves. The dog owner contributed to the unfortunate death of his dog by not properly securing the dog. The windows should have been raised enough to prevent the dog from getting out.