Cop killed, 5 officers shot during drug raid in Ogden, Utah.

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A police officer was shot dead and five colleagues were wounded as they tried to serve a drug-related search warrant late Wednesday, authorities in Utah said.

Gunfire erupted around 9 p.m. MST (11 p.m. ET) after police converged at a residence in Ogden, police spokesman Lt. Tony Fox said.

Witnesses said they heard three quick pops followed by a two- to three-minute pause, then a barrage of gunfire.
“We came running outside to see what was going on,” Janessa Vanderstappen, who lives nearby, told the Deseret News. “Officers told us to go back in our house.”

Source: MSNBC

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  • photonboy

    So you have a gang of camo-clad narco-cops carrying military assault rifles busting down the door of a peaceful, sleeping citizen in the middle of the night because they thought he *might* be growing and smoking his own cannabis, and he defends his “castle” from a violent invasion and one of the invaders is killed, maybe by his own fellow invaders.

    And we’re supposed to feel sorry for the violent invader who was killed?


    Sorry but no sympathy here, not for the invaders. I feel sorry for the cop’s family, wife & kids, the same way I’d feel sorry for the family of any other murderer, who had to suffer because their loved one was a killer who died by the same sword he wielded.

    The chief of police of Ogden needs to profoundly and sincerely publicly apologize to this citizen and pay for all medical expenses and damage to his home. Then he needs to indict the police officials who approved this raid and put them on unpaid leave until their court dates.

    The officers who raided the home should be relieved of their badges and weapons and indicted for attempted murder, assault, battery, trespassing, using a gun in the commission of a felony, and capitol murder for being responsible for the death of the killed officer, which was a result of their felony attack on this citizen.

    Then the chief should resign.

    Then he should go to church and beg forgiveness from his chosen deity for the death and sorrow he has caused