Cops laud city gun-tips hotline despite only 1 approved reward.

Six months after the City of Poughkeepsie implemented a Cash…

Six months after the City of Poughkeepsie implemented a Cash For Tips program to help get illegal guns off the streets, one reward has been approved.

Police Chief Ronald Knapp said one person would soon receive $500 for providing information that led to an arrest for gun possession.

Despite only one reward in six months, Knapp said publicity the program has received is a positive because it helps keep the issue of illegal guns, and the problems they bring, in the spotlight.

“There’s no doubt it has brought attention to the subject,” Knapp said. “The main thing is the media attention and getting people to call in.”

Knapp said the program has provided police with useful information, although tips do not always meet the criteria needed for callers to receive cash rewards.

“We do get a lot of information and some of it has led to the recovery of guns,” Knapp said of the department’s special tips line.

In April, Mayor John Tkazyik announced Cash For Tips, proclaiming at a news conference that “crime will not be tolerated and we will not rest until our streets are safe.”

Tkazyik said the program would continue — and he hoped more tipsters take part.

“We’re glad we were able to at least remove one weapon,” Tkazyik said. “Sometimes one makes a difference.”

Source: Michael Valkys for The Poughkeepsie Journal.

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