Corpus Christi, TX LEOs find Glock’s grip is biggest problem, new duty pistols coming (video).

Corpus Christi Police Officers could soon be carrying a new…

Corpus Christi Police Officers could soon be carrying a new kind of handgun on patrol.

Six years ago the department used nearly 400-thousand dollars in confiscated drug money to buy 450 new semi-automatic pistols. Now another upgrade appears to be on the way.

The police department says the biggest problem with the gun they use right now is that it takes a while for every officer to figure out how to handle it because of one simple thing, the grip.

We visited the police department’s indoor firing range and got a quick lesson on how to fire the hand guns Corpus Christi Police Officers now use. The Glock 40 Caliber Semi-automatic pistols were bought by the department back in spring of 2005. Now the department is looking for another sidearm for it’s 450 officers. Bids are supposed to go out over the next few weeks.

Source: KIITV

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  • Gregory

    I have to carry a Glock 22 on-duty. Fortunately, it fits my hand. I hope they are careful and really test the perspective weapons well. I thought the Smith & Wesson M&P pistols were good and bought two. I made an expensive mistake. The magazine release spring tension is insanely light and the travel distance of the button when depressed is way too short. Smith & Wesson disagreed and said the pistols were within spec. Well, their spec is ridiculous. Lets face it, they have spent too much capitol in producing the M&P pistol and a recall would cripple them. The problem should have been realized early in production and corrected with minimal expense. Now it is too late and they once again have sub-par weapons. Let me tell you, it is extremely easy to unintentionally release the magazine from an M&P pistol. If you don’t believe me, just see how easy it is for yourself. The results would be deadly for an officer if a magazine were inadvertently released during a gunfight or while upholstering a weapon. As far as I am concerned the M&P pistols are not suitable for defensive purposes and have business being in a law enforcement holster. I hope to sell mine soon. Do I seem a little pissed off at Smith & Wesson? Yes! More importantly, the safety of all officers that carry an M&P pistols is of more concern to me! It is a real shame that the pistols drop their magazines so easily because they would other wise be superb.

  • theGlockSmith

    Well, seems the dept. is making a move toward purchasing a sidearm w/ interchangeable grips.
    uhm. They’re using gen 3 Glocks.
    The gen 4 has the grip they’re looking for and they should not have to change the carry method.
    The Glock does have a “getting-to-know-ya” period of handling it when you come from another platform.
    Uhm, CC, Texas. OK

  • johnnie Haynes

    Glocks are great but there grip does not fit everyone glock should offer both grips one with fingergrooves and one without

  • Rick Davies

    Gotta have new toys…. just because

  • M Sadoon

    Yet hundreds of thousands of LEOs and troops around the world have no issue with Glocks.