Court Declares Exorbitant NYC Pistol Fees Legal

Everything costs more in New York City—real estate, dining out,…

Everything costs more in New York City—real estate, dining out, self-defense…

A federal appeals court gave the green light Tuesday to a law permitting New York City to charge hundreds of dollars for a gun licensing fee that costs $3 to $10 elsewhere in the state,

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said the $340 handgun fee for a three-year license was legal for the same reasons that fees imposed on those seeking to stage a rally or a parade are constitutional.

“Imposing fees on the exercise of constitutional rights is permissible when the fees are designed to defray (and do not exceed) the administrative costs of regulating the protected activity,” the appeals court said.

The city had told the court that revenue generated by licensing fees before the fee was increased in 2004 covered just over half of the related administrative expenses.


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  • ldbrandel

    When you read something like the defraying of costs for the administration of a right, it strikes me at times as rude for the “leadership” of a community to place such costs on its citizens when part of the reason the citizen acts on his or her right is the “leaderships” failed attempt at leading.