Crime Stoppers N.J. gives special police teams $20,000 for gear.

Crime Stoppers of Somerset County has given $20,000 to local…

Crime Stoppers of Somerset County has given $20,000 to local law enforcement
to purchase equipment for special police teams countywide.

Specifically, the grant will purchase:

-An equipment decontamination system for use by all special tactical teams.

-Upgrades to a “throw phone,” used to negotiate with subjects who have isolated
themselves in an area with no communication, for the County Crisis Negotiation Team.

-New uniforms for the SWAT team.

-New masks and underwater photography equipment for the Dive Team. “This specialized equipment will improve the capability and effectiveness of the County Tactical Teams,” said Chief William G. Parenti of North Plainfield, president of the Somerset County Police Chiefs Association, in a statement.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Somerset County assign officers to participate on tactical teams, which then work in all municipalities as needed. The grant money will be administered by the Police Chiefs Association, which will make the purchases and donate the equipment to the county, said Bernardsville Police Chief Kevin Valentine, the association’s Crime Stoppers liaison.

Source: Stephen Reed for My Central Jersey.

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