Crimson Trace and Diamondback announce OEM partnership.

Diamondback firearms is pleased to announce the option of their…

Diamondback firearms is pleased to announce the option of their DB380 pocket pistol with a factory-installed Crimson Trace LaserguardTM. The slim, polymer-framed pocket pistol is a natural fit for the instinctively activated Laserguard system, whose profile matches that of the gun, thanks to months of design and engineering collaboration between the two companies. In addition, Crimson trace and Diamondback have worked closely with holster manufacturers to ensure that the combination can be easily carried, either on the belt or in a pocket holster.

“We at Diamondback are excited to have worked directly with Crimson Trace to build a Laserguard to fit our DB380, it only enhances an already excellent self defense platform,” says Brad Thomas, CEO of Diamondback Firearms.

Crimson Trace and Diamondback are currently collaborating on the development of a Laserguard- equipped DB9, the 9mm Luger version of the current DB380 and expect it to be available Q2 2011. Kent Thomas, Director of Marketing at Crimson Trace was enthusiastic about the upcoming offering, “The concealed carry market continues to embrace the idea of compact, easily portable pistols. Lasers extend their useful range and make small guns as easy to shoot and natural tool to increase accuracy and confidence. Crimson Trace is the market leader in laser sighting solutions and proud to have worked so closely with Diamondback for a great self-defense product.”

The DB380 Laserguard is currently available at an MSRP of $209.

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