Cuomo working on new set of tougher gun laws following Newtown massacre

Image: Pat Arnow/Flickr

In the wake of the Connecticut shooting rampage, Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders are quietly negotiating a package of tough new gun laws that they hope can be voted on within days, the Daily News has learned.

At the center of the talks is a proposal to expand the state assault weapons ban to include all firearms with clips of more than seven bullets, sources said.

That proposal would have outlawed at least one of the assault weapons that Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday.

Lawmakers have been told to be prepared to return to the Capitol as soon as Thursday if a deal can be pieced together, sources said.

Source: Kenneth Lovett for NY Daily News

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  • Tom from Roanoke

    Molon Labe, Democrat douche bags.

  • Freddie Mac

    I hope like hell they use the word “clip” exactly when they write the bill. Stupid asses.

  • Rick

    Oh yeah, lets shove it thru without thinking about it. Typical Democratic knee jerk mentality.
    More people than ever are moving out of NY. Hope Co headquarters start next.