Dalton Police Department, TN issues first new Glock handguns

As part of a transition to a new weapon system…

As part of a transition to a new weapon system that was approved earlier this year, the Dalton Police Department issued new Glock 22 handguns to the first wave of officers Monday morning. The full transition for all officers will take two weeks.

The agency and Public Safety Commission approved the switch from the Sig Sauer P229 .40-caliber handguns the agency had carried for more than a decade to the new Glock guns in January. The old guns had been in service for nearly 15 years and while they were still in good condition, their usable lifetime as law enforcement equipment was coming to an end, officials said.

The cost of replacing the weapons with new Sig Sauer guns was estimated at $27,000 while the switch to the Glock 22 was approximately $14,000. That cost includes the addition of a weapon-mounted light. The weapon system upgrade is being paid for using drug seizure funds. No taxpayer money is being used for the new guns.

Source: Chattanoogan.com

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  • CheytacShooter

    So you replace a Ferarri with a Fiero?? I must say, I don’t get it.

  • toptwome