Denver, Colorado holds Operation Mountain Guardian drill.

The city of Denver, Colorado plays host to a massive…

The city of Denver, Colorado plays host to a massive terror-attack simulation involving over 100 emergency services organizations; the largest drill of its kind in the region is intended to ‘stress-test” the planning and resources of local first responders

With the involvement of over 100 individual jurisdictions and agencies, Denver today played host to Operation Mountain Guardian, the largest coordinated terrorism attack drill held in the area.

The simulation concept is that of four coordinated attacks at ten locations around Denver. The drill is modeled after the November, 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India.

Scheduled to run all day, from 5 AM through to approximately 4:30 PM, the exercise will include generous amounts of smoke, loud, sudden noises as well as simulated small arms fire.

Source: Homeland Security Newswire

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  • General Jim M

    How stupid.Mumbai is not Denver.The people of Colorado have GUNS.These ‘terrorists” are vastly overrated.If the goal is to scare people,they may accomplish that.