Deputies hunt exotic animals on the loose in Ohio (video).

The mayor of the Ohio town where several wild animals…

The mayor of the Ohio town where several wild animals are still on the loose said on Wednesday that their owner had set them free before killing himself on Tuesday night.

In a phone interview on CNN, Mayor Butch Zwelling of Zanseville, Ohio, said that the animals included lions, tigers, bears and wolves. He identified the owner as Terry Thompson.

Large animals were running free outside of their cages when police arrived as night fell on Tuesday, the county sheriff, Matt Lutz, said during a Wednesday morning news conference. “We had animals outside that fenced area on the road,” he said, and officers shot them “at close range” with their sidearms. “We cannot have animals running loose in this county,” he said.

Source: J. David Goodman and Elizabeth A. Harris for N.Y. Times.

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