Deputies in San Antonio bring back the cowboy hat (video)

Wearing a brand new Stetson hat, Bexar County Sheriff Susan…

Wearing a brand new Stetson hat, Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau reinstated an optional western hat policy for deputies.

The western hat was banned in the 1990s as part of a new uniform policy. Source: KENS5

According to the press release:

– “The new policy allows deputies, who are so inclined, to wear specific western headgear with their standard, Class A uniform.
– “During winter months a traditional, felt construction, ‘silver belly’ gray hat can be worn.
– “During summer months, the traditional, natural color straw construction hat may be worn.
– “During inclement weather, form-fitting, clear plastic covers may be worn over the western headgear.
– “The Western hats with a flat brim, or hats with decorations, such as feathers, are not authorized as part of the policy.
– “Wearing the western headgear is not mandatory.”

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Try cleaning up crime, cartels and the bums from the tourist section then worry bout hats