Detroit Police Department pays $16,820 for 365 firearms at recent buyback.

Image: cm_e/Flickr The total paid for the guns was $16,820,…

02-04-02 Gun Buyback at Precinct Station, Detroit, Michigan
Image: cm_e/Flickr

The total paid for the guns was $16,820, which came from funds contributed by Catholics in both city and suburban parishes. People selling handguns at the buyback got $50. Those who sold long guns and nonoperational weapons got $25, and those who sold assault weapons got $100. All payments were made onsite and in cash.

No questions were asked of those who volunteered to sell their guns.

“Many households in our city are going to feel considerably safer tonight because of the weapons people from the community chose to turn in,” said an Aug. 30 statement from Auxiliary Bishop Donald F. Hanchon of Detroit, who oversees Detroit parishes in the archdiocese and spearheaded their involvement in the buyback.

Bishop Hanchon lauded city and police officials for their efforts — Detroit Mayor Dave Bing came to the buyback — and noted the “enthusiastic participation, not only from those who turned in their guns but also from the volunteers.”

Police were to test the sold firearms to determine if any were used in a connection with a crime. If not, police will destroy the weapons.

Source: Catholic News Service

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  • Jimbo Rambo

    Does the Detroit PD have an FFL? How is it they can deal in the arms trade? What if the Detroit PD buys a STOLEN gun.Are they recieving stolen goods?Any ATF agent out there have an answer?