Detroit police fluke shooting scenario ‘pretty much impossible,’ gun expert says

In the glass gun case at Target Sports in Royal…

In the glass gun case at Target Sports in Royal Oak is the exact same gun issued to Detroit police officers. It’s the same model gun that a Detroit police officer says accidentally discharged while holstered to his waist during a fish fry at his home about 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning killing 24-year-old Adaisha Miller.

“That’s pretty much impossible,” says Ray Jihad, 43, of Rochester Hills, a gun expert who owns Target Sports shooting range and gun shop at 30482 Woodward in Royal Oak. “The gun will not go off on its own. You can drop it, you can throw it, you can do whatever you want, guns don’t accidentally go off.

Target Sports owner Ray Jihad demonstrates how the trigger of a pistol is always covered when it is in a holster. “You’ve got to put your finger on the trigger in order for it to shoot and whoever says that is trying to get out of something.”

“I think he took it out and he was showing it,” said Jihad, exhibiting how the trigger is protected in a holster. “You can’t get your finger in there. The only way is the gun came out and it was pointing at someone.”

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  • Sheeco

    Of course it’s impossible. How could a holstered gun pointed to the ground 1) accidently discharge 2) shoot a bullet towards the woman’s lung then her heart..i.e almost 180 degrees up?? !

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    YUP, something smells in Kansas Dorthy!!!

  • Quentin Ireland

    I thought the same thing. There is definitely more to this story than meets the eye. I hope that this is not an example of an anti-gun person trying to prove something or an off-duty police officer being careless with their gun.