DHS might adopt Defense tech for border surveillance, and hire vets to run it.

Image: Lucia Fasano Veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan…

Image: Lucia Fasano

Veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars may find jobs operating satellite communications, blimps and other surveillance technologies stateside for border control, a Homeland Security Department official said Wednesday.

With the drawdown of troops overseas, the Pentagon will have excess equipment and extra personnel to offer the nation, just as DHS Customs and Border Protection takes another stab at building a virtual fence across the southwest border. This turn of events prompted a House subcommittee Wednesday to invite Defense and Homeland Security department officials to share their plans on adapting military systems for domestic use. Curbing illegal immigration, drug smuggling and other criminal activity along U.S. boundaries is a key campaign issue.

While Homeland Security leaders said they are willing to accept the Pentagon’s extra inventory, they cautioned that some systems will require additional engineering and staffing to fit within DHS’ existing operations.

Source: Aliya Sternstein for Nextgov.

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  • Rick

    Ain’t gonna happen- makes entirely too much sense!