DHS wants national wireless service for first responders.

Kingfisher, OK August 19, 2007 An air boat flies past…

Kingfisher, OK August 19, 2007 An air boat flies past Robberts Ave. in Kingfisher on a search and rescue mission following the severe flooding caused by Tropical Storm Erin. In the immediate aftermath of any disaster, residents rely on local first responders for immediate assistance. Photo by: Patricia Brach/FEMA photo

The Department of Homeland Security wants to develop a wireless service that is capable of synchronizing public safety communications nationwide, NextGov reports.

Aliya Sternstein writes that the DHS Security Science and Technology Directorate‘s $80 million research opportunities aim is to equip authorities and first responders with data and video transmission capabilities during crises.

The Next Generation Tactical Wireless Broadband is an 18-month project for establishing a quick approach to upgrade existing network services.

DHS said it would contract the project to industry, government laboratories, academic institutions or nonprofit organizations with the key being a quick transition.

Read the rest of David Barton’s report at executivegov.com.

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